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With March upon us, it’s time once again to let optimism bloom. Spring is surely right around the corner (granted, the turn can seem longer in some parts of the country), and Spring, by definition, brings new opportunities and new hope.

But this you already know. We conducted an unscientific little poll on our Web site back in January, when bitter chills were still in the air. We asked site visitors to look ahead at how they expected 2003 to treat them, in terms of employment. The answers were interesting:



  • 25 percent were naysayers, afraid this year would be worse than last.
  • 33 percent rode the fence, expecting more of the same to come their way.
  • 42 percent were skating on the silver lining, expecting 2003 to be better.


Chances are a statistician would be unmoved by those numbers gathered from an informal Web poll. But this is a magazine column, not Vegas, so you can safely draw one conclusion—a good share of your peers think the worst is behind us. That’s a ball worth running with.

So, we’re running, in two different directions, with two different features.

First up is our annual look at “Financing Your Certifications.” Assuming the IT industry is in for the recovery we’re all expecting, it’s likely your career will advance as well. Whether you’re going in a new direction or deepening your expertise in a particular area, you’re going to be interested in attaining another certification. As before, we’ll share with you some sources and solutions for paying the price.

Taking the theme in the second direction, we have the “Driving Your Career” feature by CompTIA’s Gene Salois. Gene’s clever article looks at your IT career like a long journey, with certifications providing the fuel to keep everything running smoothly. Keep this advice in mind when you get ready for a new certification—that should be a decision that involves more than just a visit to your favorite vendor’s site.

So Spring has just about sprung, and it’s time to think about where you go from here. The wide highway of options is one of the main advantages of being a certified IT professional. Drive safely, travel far and enjoy the ride.

Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director

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