The Best and Worst States to Find an Internship or Entry-Level Job

Minneapolis — March 17
In response to recent reports that job seekers are struggling to find jobs, compiled lists of the five best and worst states for finding internships and entry level jobs. The data was gathered through a state-by-state search on the site. The lists will be updated every month to help students and entry level job candidates know how many opportunities are available to them and in which states.

The states with the largest number of internship and entry-level job listings on are:


  • California: 2,152
  • New York: 1,487
  • Texas: 1,038
  • Florida: 911
  • Illinois: 700

Entry-level jobs:

  • California: 11,327
  • Texas: 8,723
  • Florida: 6,272
  • New York: 5,828
  • Pennsylvania: 4,857

The states with the fewest number of internship and entry-level job listings on are:


  • Montana: 14
  • Wyoming: 14
  • South Dakota: 21
  • North Dakota: 31
  • Idaho: 35

Entry-level jobs:

  • Montana: 200
  • Wyoming: 209
  • North Dakota: 215
  • South Dakota: 258
  • Vermont: 251

Some other states that have a lot of entry level jobs and internships, but don't appear on the lists, are:

  • Washington: 1,199
  • Ohio: 3,602
  • North Carolina: 2,621
  • Colorado: 1,192

The metropolitan area with the most combined lists was the Washington D.C. area, with 9,457 combined listings:

  • Washington D.C.: 680 internships and 2,914 entry level jobs.
  • Maryland: 403 internships and 1,476 entry level jobs.
  • Virginia: 530 internships and 3,454 entry level jobs.
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