The ABCs of School District IT

If you’d asked Bev White 30 years ago what she’d be doing today, she probably would’ve told you she’d be teaching high school math. That’s because 30 years ago, she was doing just that.

Like many IT professionals in K-12 school districts, White has an extensive background in education. With a bachelor’s degree in math education, a master’s degree in education and postgraduate work in computer technology at a variety of institutions including Harvard University, Columbia University and Binghamton University, she also has more than two decades of teaching experience under her belt.

“I consider myself a lifelong learner,” White said. “When I stop taking courses or going to conferences and learning things, it’s probably the day that I’m just going to fold it up, you know?”

It was during her postgraduate work that White shifted her focus from math to IT, and soon after, she parlayed her background in education into her first role as an administrator of technology at the collegiate level. And then, when an opportunity opened up in the public school system, White jumped at it, eventually working her way up to her current position as chief information officer for Wake County Public schools in Raleigh, N.C.

“That was really where my love is,” she said. “For the last 10 years I’ve been working as the district technology decision maker in K-12 districts, first in South Carolina for five years and [now] here in Raleigh.”

While many school district IT pros break into the…



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