Texas Technology Companies Launch Program to End Offshoring

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<strong>Austin, Texas &mdash; May 2</strong><br />Executives at technology companies in Austin have founded a business volunteer organization to provide American workers to businesses presently sending support and testing jobs overseas. Americans Work is designed to connect companies needing employees with U.S. communities trying to attract jobs and businesses. A pilot for the program is presently being launched in Johnstown, Pa. <br /><br />"This is not only good for our country," said Jack Holt, CEO of S3 Matching Technologies and one of the organizers of Americans Work. "It&#39;s irresistible: same total cost as offshoring and my clients get to talk to someone in America." <br /><br />According to Holt, who recently traveled to Johnstown to meet with economic-development officials, customers who discover their calls are offshored are often left with a sense that their business or concerns are not important. <br /><br />Dell Computers, which was an early leader of the offshoring movement, has returned many customer-support and call-center jobs to the U.S., though the company still maintains similar operations overseas. <br /><br />"We are counting on numerous businesses to join us in this effort to help the economy in our country," said Phil Gilbert, president of Lombardi, another software company based in Austin that focuses on process improvement. <br /><br />The Johnstown operation of Americans Work is expected to start in May with software and hardware technicians and product support workers. Organizers hope to grow the office to make it a significant employer in the city before launching Americans Work facilities at another location. Jobs are expected to meet or exceed the local median wage and will include health care benefits. <br /><br />"Johnstown is a perfect example of a community being smart and looking to the future," Holt said. "They&#39;ve done a remarkable job of reinventing themselves and moving away from the traditional heavy industries and manufacturing." <br />

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