TestMyPCSecurity.com Provides 1st Independent, User-Driven Testing Resource

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Jersey City, N.J. — March 19
Comodo, a security company, announced the launch of a new Web site that will house one of the largest collections of computer security tests anywhere. These tests include a combination of widely available firewall leak and Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) tests in addition to proprietary firewall tests from Comodo. The tests were created as safe way for users of all abilities to determine the effectiveness of their security software at eliminating vulnerabilities that could leave their computer system susceptible to identity-stealing malware. Users can determine their risk of being victimized from stolen identities, corrupted data, crashing computers and other problems.

As user dependence on the Internet continues to increase, Comodo created the “Test My PC Security” site as part of its Trusted Internet initiative to meet people's need to ensure safe and secure online business and communication. The site provides a unique means to objectively determine how effective a PC's security system is at protecting sensitive information from hackers, fraudsters and malware. Each of these tests can be downloaded and run individually, or they can be downloaded as an entire suite in one operation.

The site was designed to be both a testing and education resource for users and includes:

  • Detailed and technical explanations about firewall leak tests and HIPS testing.
  • Downloads of individual and batch security individual tests.
  • Information on other people's test results and comments.
  • The ability to become part of the Test My PC Security testing community.

Comodo created this free, comprehensive and independent site of diagnostic tests for a variety of reasons. First, it was designed to help users understand how prepared they are to defend against a variety of online attacks. Second, this resource was created in response to user dissatisfaction with the current state of desktop security testing which often post outdated results. Third, with millions of users participating and submitting test results, the entire community benefits with better information on emerging threats. Finally, this resource was created specifically to be free of commercial influences as these results objectively report on the experiences of a worldwide community of users as opposed to posting results from a few testers as is most often the case with other testing sites.

Each test is a small, nondestructive program designed to expose the existence of security flaws on Windows-based systems. The tests deliberately attempt to bypass a user's security software by simulating the techniques used by real-world malware such as Trojans and viruses. Based on the results of these tests, users can then take remedial action to correct the problems. This includes downloading Comodo's free solutions such as its award-winning Comodo Firewall Pro and Comodo Memory Guardian, a new solution that is effective at stopping 90 percent or more of buffer overflow attacks in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

“Users depend on the Internet more and more, and they need to know that the Internet can be trusted with their most personal and sensitive information,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and chief security architect of Comodo. “It is important that we provide the tools for users to test their current security system along with solutions that allow them to protect themselves better. We offer these testing tools and our desktop security software for free because it is part of how we intend to create a trusted Internet where users and online organizations can interact securely and with reciprocal identity verification.” 

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