Test Yourself: Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam #302

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The following questions include topics from what is arguably the most difficult Linux certification: the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). This examination is updated for each major Red Hat release, so be sure to double-check the requirements if you intend to take it when there is a newer release than Red Hat Linux 9 available. The RHCE consists of three exams: a one-hour written exam plus two exams that are two and a half hours each, one based on troubleshooting and another based on installation and configuration. The latter two are hands-on examinations, so remember that there is no substitute for installing and troubleshooting Red Hat Linux machines as a study option.

Table 1: RHCE Exam Data

Exam ID:


Applies to:


Time frame:

Troubleshooting, 2.5 hours; Multiple-choice, 1 hour; Installation and configuration, 2.5 hours.


Mostly performance-based, the number of questions on the written portion is not published and can change between exam iterations.

Available from:

Red Hat and its designated partners. See the Red Hat Web site for the latest listing.



1. What segment of your filesystem must not be stored in a Logical Volume?


A. /bin
B. /home
C. /boot
D. /etc

2. Which of these commands can you use to switch from the older BSD-style printing system to the newer print system?

A. redhat-print-config
B. redhat-switch-printer –lpd
C. redhat-switch-printer
D. alternatives –set print /usr/bin/lpr.cups

3. What command will tell you which package contains the file libtiff.so.3?

A. locate libtiff.so.3
B. rpm -q –whatprovides libtiff.so.3
C. find / -name libtiff.so.3 –package
D. which libtiff.so.3

4. Which of the following filesystems is provided in Disk Druid for Red Hat 9 and provides features that speed up the boot process after a system crash?

A. ext2
B. ext3
C. ReiserFS
D. Software RAID

5. What is the significance of chainloader +1 in the sequence:

rootnoverify (hd3,2)
chainloader +1

A. It tells GRUB to look to the fourth IDE hard drive’s third partition, in the first sector, for another boot loader to launch.
B. It sets software RAID to change over to the mirrored partition on the third IDE hard drive, second partition, during RAID disaster recovery.
C. It sets LVM to load IDE hard drives two and three as a single physical volume.
D. It tells XFS to utilize IDE hard drives two and three for the root partition with read-write access, and then to load the rest of the filesystem accordingly.

6. Which of the following programs allows individual users to filter their incoming and outgoing mail by subject, content and more, without needing their mail client to handle the job?

A. postfix
B. procmail
C. fetchmail
D. sendmail


1. The correct answer is C. A Logical Volum

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