Teranet Maximizes Web Application Security

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<p><strong>Santa Clara, Calif. &mdash; June 26</strong><br />Cenzic Inc., a provider of application security vulnerability assessment and risk management solutions, has announced that Teranet Inc., a provider of integrated land-based products and services in Ontario, Canada, has selected Cenzic Hailstorm Application Risk Controller (ARC) to maximize Web application security through application security testing, application penetration testing and application vulnerability management.<br /><br />Teranet&#39;s primary focus is managing Ontario&#39;s land registry system, which includes data associated with more than 5 million parcels of land and creates electronic applications to provide online access to the data. </p><p>Tens of thousands of lawyers, real estate agents and other professionals throughout Ontario use Teranet&#39;s proprietary applications to access the government&#39;s land registry data for e-service applications such as fraud checking, property registration and valuation. </p><p>Additionally, Teranet&#39;s e-service business provides applications that integrate with banks, allowing the general public to complete tasks online such as paying parking or speeding tickets and connecting to a number of municipalities throughout Ontario.<br /><br />Before Cenzic, Teranet manually tested its applications, making accuracy and effectiveness a challenge. </p><p>The company became increasingly aware of the Web application security and payment card industry (PCI) compliance focus in its market. </p><p>While operating alongside rising amounts of payment providers pursuing PCI certification, Teranet sought out alternatives to manual testing that would match what would soon be an industry standard. </p><p>The company needed to implement an automation solution to test its applications while discovering and remediating vulnerabilities to protect Teranet from the latest threats and hacks.<br /><br />&quot;During the testing process, we looked at the product offerings from Cenzic and other companies, and we chose Cenzic Hailstorm ARC because of its outstanding enterprise risk management capabilities, ease of use through its dynamic and intelligent dashboard and reports, the flexibility of the solution, the excellent support team and because the product produced significantly fewer false positives compared to the competition while finding more vulnerabilities,&quot; said Andrew Wing, Teranet systems architect. &quot;Since deployment, we&#39;ve had great successes in securing our applications, as well as in educating employees about specific vulnerabilities. As a result, Hailstorm is not only ensuring the safety of sensitive information for our organization but the general public of Ontario.&quot;<br /><br />Hailstorm allows the most comprehensive, accurate and extensible solution for legacy and Web 2.0 applications, with customized security tests along with robust and flexible reporting and remediation information for the most accurate, most dependable form of application security. </p><p>Since implementing Hailstorm, Teranet has made a seamless transition to PCI compliance, and it plans to integrate with HP&#39;s Mercury products and Fortify to ensure it is optimizing its software development process and maximizing security at every stage of the SDLC. </p><p>As a result, Teranet remains confident in its continuing ability to maintain an exemplary level of security of its systems and data.<br /><br />&quot;PCI compliance and other regulatory standards is a reality that organizations are faced with more and more,&quot; John Weinschenk, Cenzic CEO, said. &quot;Organizations like Teranet realize the importance of application security not only in relation to these standards but to protect their organization and customers from the breach of sensitive information. </p><p>&quot;Cenzic is committed to safeguarding the applications of our clients, and Teranet is a great example of how Cenzic solutions help to enhance regulatory standards and security for their organization and customers.&quot;</p>

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