TempWorks Mobile Application Offers Business

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<p><strong>Eagan, Minn. &mdash; July 12 </strong><br />TempWorks Software, a provider of advanced software solutions for staffing firms of all sizes, has released its TwMobile wireless application.&nbsp; </p><p>Today&rsquo;s fast-paced staffing market demands the ability to conduct business from anywhere at anytime while empowering mobile staff with up-to-the-minute customer information. </p><p>TwMobile produces a channel to information residing on the core TempWorks system from cell phones, PDAs and other wireless devises. <br /><br />Sales success is being driven by the need for Internet access wherever the salespeople are, not just where their offices are.&nbsp; </p><p>TwMobile exploits the benefits of wireless communication to keep mobile devices in sync with the centralized TempWorks system. </p><p>Sales staff out in the field can pull up desired information and input data instantly, creating revenue-producing opportunities.&nbsp; </p><p>Management and operations can track real-time data, fueling improved decision making. </p><p>Because the TwMobile application integrates wireless devises with the TempWorks database, no data re-entry is required once back in the office. &nbsp;<br /><br />Productivity is immediately enhanced with bidirectional exchange of contacts, tasks, messages and e-mails. </p><p>Staff members have the ability to access information on the fly &mdash; tapping in at the moment of need from a car, on the golf course or even taking the elevator up to an important sales meeting with a client.<br /><br />A new version of TwMobile recently released by TempWorks is a rewrite of the original product and boasts several performance enhancements that enable the application to run significantly faster. </p><p>Primary features from the previous version function better with the new platform, and customers can now conduct more business through TwMobile.&nbsp; </p><p>The latest version offers the capability to plug in basic order requests and create new contact records.&nbsp; </p><p>The new features eliminate the need to wait until stepping back into the office to input new data into the system.</p>

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