TempWorks Customer Optimizes Staffing Software

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<p><strong>Eagan, Minn. &mdash; May 14</strong><br />Lofton Staffing Services, a principal staffing firm supported by a 20-plus-year history, has chosen to extend its use of paperless staffing technology through the implementation of nearly every solution offered by its staffing technology provider, TempWorks Software.<br /><br />Anchoring multiple offices throughout Louisiana and Texas, Lofton Staffing Services recently signed on to upgrade its TempWorks staffing software to the latest available version.&nbsp; </p><p>It also determined this the ideal time to cultivate its business potential through the implementation of multiple supplemental solutions that integrate with and complement the core TempWorks system to speed staffing processes and increase client satisfaction.<br /><br />&ldquo;Our company takes advantage of the best technology solutions available to ensure our customers and employees get top-quality service and the fastest search-to-hire time possible,&quot; said Bart Lofton, co-president of Lofton Staffing Services. &quot;Our technology choices help us focus on what we do best with the same personal touch Lofton is known for while providing the right functionality to help make our clients&rsquo; business more efficient, productive and profitable.&quot; </p><p>The WebCenter fx Suite grants Lofton&rsquo;s clients, employees and applicants greater control over their processes through intuitive, Web-based portals.<br /><br />TwMobile (a tap-to-the-core system through wireless devices) and TwCentral (a management dashboard) enable Lofton&rsquo;s staff to gain real-time access to the timely information they need to make fast, informed business decisions from any location.<br /><br />Supporting a paperless staffing environment, Lofton also selected an employment forms management module, DocCenter, and an electronic invoice delivery module to eliminate the need for paper and storage while affording a faster information exchange between it and employees and customers. </p><p>Another solution chosen includes an application that further fosters integration between Microsoft Outlook and the core TempWorks system.<br /><br />One of the many businesses inflicted by the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, Lofton chose to sign up for TempWorks&rsquo; all-encompassing disaster-recovery service and protect its assets from future natural devastation and risk.</p>

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