Telework Arrangements Gain Momentum in IT

If you’re tired of coming into the office all the time, you are not alone. The most recent installment of “Telework in the Information Age,” a report published on Earth Day this year, said telework, also known as telecommuting, will play a big role for information technology professionals in the future.

Josh James, senior manager, research and industry analysis of AeA, a national, nonprofit trade association that publishes the report, said the push for telework flexibility likely will impact all sectors of IT, as well knowledge-worker positions. He said employees will demand it, and employers will see more benefits, particularly as baby boomers transition out of management roles and are replaced by more receptive managers in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

“These new managers are less likely to associate telework with shirking work responsibilities, sitting at home in pajamas and watching daytime TV,” James said. “It may hit IT in a unique way because it’s IT that’s making this possible. More and more IT functions can be done remotely, whether that’s an IT person working from home and supporting an office or remote workers, or IT people in the office supporting other remote workers in their homes.”

Trying to convince the powers that be that telework is a good option is easier when dealing with software or Internet issues handled remotely, but what about a hardware issue or if a server goes down?

“More and more of that stuff can be done remotely, as well,” James said. “For example, awhile…

Kellye Whitney


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