TEDS v.8.5 Enhances Talent Management

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<strong>Atkins, Va. &mdash; Jan. 21</strong><br />TEDS Inc., originator of the only fully integrated enterprisewide talent management solution, announced the general release of the TEDS Talent Management Solutions Suite v.8.5.<br /><br />TEDS 8.5 brings to the marketplace a stronger succession management capability and a more robust Job Vision product, including succession analytics and the ability to track and identify high-potential associates and critical individual contributors. The suite now provides electronic signatures and automated routing with support for proxy supervisors within its performance plan functionality, efficient automated mass assignment of roles, tasks and competencies as a background function and a robust archiving capability empowering any organization to manage the entire lifecycle of person records in its database.<br /><br />TEDS Job Vision is a planning, recruiting and staffing management module within the suite that strategically places and advances the best possible internal and external candidates for job vacancies and promotions. To unify talent management objectives across organizational lines, Job Vision automates the convergence of individual career goals, human capital deployment strategies, job opportunities and evolving business plans.<br /><br />”We believe TEDS 8.5 establishes new benchmarks in the talent management industry,” said Lynda Helton, TEDS chief development officer. “Many of these enhancements to our fully integrated Talent Management Suite TEDS were based on customer best practices. Other new features resulted from our company&#39;s own visionary approach to product development. Such improvements are continuous and integral to our development processes.”<br /><br />Because the TEDS Talent Management Solutions suite operates from a central data repository for all modules and employs a common architecture throughout, the changes created by TEDS 8.5 maintain full integration among all modules. <br />

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