Technology in the Classroom

There’s no doubt about it: Autumn is in the air. The leaves have changed, the air has cooled and before long would-be trick-or-treaters will be debating Halloween costumes.

That also means school is in full swing. As kids settled back into the daily grind, I began to think about the ways in which technology has had an impact on the classroom experience in recent years. After all, when I was in school — which, I might add, wasn’t all that long ago — a research paper meant multiple trips to the library, rifling through the stacks without the luxury of Google or Wikipedia. The idea of multimedia in the classroom entailed oral presentations and maybe a language video. Backpacks were heavy with textbooks, notebooks and pencils.

Today, it seems teaching and learning have changed. With the widespread popularity of the Internet, more and more schools are increasing their online presence while incorporating a digital component into their classes.

According to a Web article by public television station Thirteen/WNET New York, the Net can “greatly increase the communication and collaboration among students and teacher,” as well as provide additional resources and different media through which students can present their ideas.

The article also points out that the Internet has the potential to eradicate any geographical issues, as students can access crucial — and free — information from the comfort of their homes, schools or local libraries, while spending less time in transit and doing research. They also can ask questions…



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