Technical Skills Served with Soft Skills on the Side

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In the course of living in a big city, it becomes apparent that street smarts are not only important but required. In business, the scenario is quite similar. The possession of technical knowledge, like knowing the ins and outs of a city, is just as important as possessing soft skills. Today it is becoming increasingly vital to hold a variety of soft skills as well as the technical expertise to advance in a company.


Soft skills improve teamwork, problem-solving, customer relations, planning and organizing, and communication. Nearly all IT professions require most of these soft skills on a daily basis. And because holding soft skills, like street smarts, is important to people’s job security, then why are more and more college graduates lacking these skills? Some people say that the parents are to blame and some people say that the school system is to blame. Although both of these are valid points, maybe there are some other possibilities.


Technology, one of the greatest gifts for people today, has forever changed the way people act, communicate, organize and learn. Not that I am complaining, but when people are too lazy to communicate by speaking over the phone and would rather send generic text messages instead, I think that a line has been crossed. Most of my friends say that the main reason they use text messaging is because they don’t want to speak to people. In my opinion, that is a problem. If people do not want to communicate verbally with their friends, then obviously they are not going to clearly communicate with their co-workers.


A solution I have come up with is to require every American to be employed as a restaurant server for at least two months while pursuing their degrees or before they become a full-time employee elsewhere. Think about it: Servers have to constantly and clearly communicate and interact with people, work as a team with the entire restaurant staff, multi-task and stay organized, etc. Not only will this job quickly teach you all the basic soft skills you should possess, but it will also give you a little perspective on the difficulty of serving others.

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