Technical Architect: Learning, Growing, Innovating

Remember when you wanted to be an astronaut? Fireman? Ballerina? When it seemed like you could accomplish anything with just a little imagination and some elbow grease?

Well, as a technical architect, this kind of boundless creativity and entrepreneurial gumption come in handy, provided a healthy dose of technical expertise also is part of the package. Just ask Dennis Wisnosky, chief architect and chief technical officer for the Department of Defense Business Mission Area.

“For most architects, it’s more important to know how architecture works — that means technically you have to be very broad. [But] at the opposite end of that stick is being willing to learn new things,” Wisnosky said. “You need to both learn very quickly and be able to work with people who maybe are totally different but have something to contribute.”

According to an article on, the world’s largest online community of IT professionals, a technical architect’s typical duties include defining and developing a company’s technical architecture; ensuring all components of the architecture are properly implemented; coaching the technical team; and resolving technical issues.

To build the knowledge base necessary for this role, Wisnosky took his education seriously. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics and math from California University of Pennsylvania, two master’s degrees — one in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and one in management science from the University of Dayton — and in his…



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