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<p><strong>Vancouver, British Columbia &mdash; June 5&nbsp;</strong><br />Techneos Systems Inc., a provider of mobile survey technology, has launched the Techneos-To-Go Service Bureau for face-to-face interviewing.&nbsp; </p><p>This new offering gives research managers access to state-of-the-art survey tools and unparalleled expertise on a project-by-project basis.<br /><br />With the Techneos-To-Go service bureau, market research professionals now can rent a complete solution that includes mobile computers bundled with Entryware software, programmed and configured to meet the needs of each individual research project.&nbsp; </p><p>Techneos also will provide a complete field and tab solution, including recruitment and management of interviewers, coding of open-ended data and tabulation of results.<br /><br />&ldquo;The Techneos-To-Go service bureau is a direct response to feedback from a project-driven industry,&rdquo; Mark Cameron, Techneos Systems president and CEO, said. &ldquo;Many market researchers want access to Entryware software, but unless they do a lot of face-to-face interviewing, it is difficult to justify the capital cost and time required to adopt a new technology platform.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;With over 15 years experience managing face-to-face research projects, we realized there is demand for coupling our expertise with our proven technology to provide a best-of-breed turnkey solution.&rdquo;<br /><br />Key benefits of the Techneos-To-Go service bureau include:<br /></p><ul><li>Access to the latest mobile technologies on an &quot;as-needed&quot; basis, ranging from wireless Smartphones to Ultra-Mobile PCs running Microsoft Windows.</li><li>Professionally programmed surveys, built to customer specifications. </li><li>Access to a dedicated project manager in both the planning and deployment stages.<br /></li><li>All the functionality you expect from a high-end Web or phone survey system, packed in the palm of your hand</li><li>Access to results in real time via a secure online Web portal</li><li>Unmatched experience using mobile computers to conduct face-to-face research.</li></ul><p>Ipsos-Reid has used the Techneos turnkey solutions for face-to-face project work with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, BC Lottery Corp. and the Calgary Stampede, among other clients.<br /><br />&ldquo;Our clients expect us to provide face-to-face interview methodologies as part of our tool kit of research tactics, and we have been turning to Techneos for the past three years to help us provide the technology component of that service,&rdquo; said Paul Lauzon, Ipsos-Reid senior vice president and managing director. &ldquo;Techneos-To-Go steps this up a notch further &mdash; it truly responds to a need for a complete solution for MR firms and professionals conducting face-to-face interviews on a project basis.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;With this total package, we feel secure that we can monitor all activities online as they happen, that we use the right hardware devices for that particular project, that we can create any kind of survey we need with the highly customizable Entryware software and that we can rely on Techneos&rsquo; expertise to resolve any methodology and technology issues. We plan to include Techneos in all our bids that call for face-to-face interviews.<br />&nbsp;<br />&ldquo;Face-to-face interviewing seems somewhat forgotten in the Internet era, but it is still a very important research method. The Techneos-To-Go service bureau brings the power of computer automation to every firm that conducts face-to-face research, whether they do it once a year or every day.&rdquo; </p>

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