Tech on Top in Down Job Market

Are you a highly skilled IT professional hot on the job search? If so, a recent study offers good news for you.

Fifty-three percent of companies report they will increase staff in the next year, according to Veritude’s “2008 IT Hiring Trends” study. The staffing company also identified the job roles that most need filling, namely: project manager, database administrator, system administrator, enterprise architect, software engineer, network engineer and systems analyst.

“In many of those roles, the commonality is that [the professionals must be] highly skilled with good job experience,” said Tom Hart, executive vice president of client management, talent acquisition, and operations and technology at Veritude. “But probably more importantly, they have two things that hiring managers continuously look for, which are effective communication skills — both written skills and verbal skills — and a high level of business knowledge with the industries that they work in.”

But even beyond these several jobs roles, “There are probably close to 100 job types in IT where the top talent [is] not going to have a problem finding good work,” he said.

Indeed, a July study by Jobfox reported that the technology sector had the most job roles on its “Top 20 Most Recession-Proof Professions” list, with a total of six.

While other sectors such as finance and the automotive industry continue to announce job cuts and buyouts, a number of factors are keeping skilled IT candidates afloat in the job market.

First, while many industries are or will…

Meagan Polakowski


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