Tech of All Trades

IT professionals in a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) environment are faced with a tough task in their work: to understand a variety of topics, yet also be a specialist when a crisis occurs. It takes a unique professional confidence (or insanity) to be solely in charge of an IT department in a world where businesses rely on IT professionals more and more every day.  Being in these challenging circumstances requires a tech of all trades.

Regardless of their exact career direction and various backgrounds, IT professionals should acquire certain jack-of-all-trades-type certifications if they are the IT point man of an SMB. Through experts, surveys and IT professionals working on the ground level, it’s clear being an IT jack-of-all-trades goes beyond just certifications — there are a host of processes and practices that can consistently help a one-man IT operation. However, it all has to start somewhere, and certifications are a sure way to instant credibility.

John Estes, vice president of Robert Half Technology, a global IT staffing firm, agreed.

“If you’re a one-man or one-woman operation, you’re mainly going to be dealing with support and infrastructure,” Estes said. “You’re not going to be creating a lot of applications and that sort of thing, so certainly you’re going to be supporting users that need help [with] everything from ‘I forgot my password’ to ‘I locked up this Word document,’ so basic PC troubleshooting is certainly good. What’s going to come into play is the A+ certification. That’s someone who can…



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