Tech Milestone or Privacy Infringement?

I’ve just taken in panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sydney Harbor and the Colosseum — even though I’ve been curled up on my couch all morning.

Ah, the power of technology. Google Street View, in particular.

The capability — which allows users to virtually walk the streets of several major cities in the world, complete with 360-degree views — has garnered countless fans for its ingenuity.

While it probably is thoroughly intriguing to take a virtual stroll down a neighborhood, especially if it’s to check out a celebrity’s pad, not everyone welcomes the tech advancement.

In fact, some groups have voiced concerns about the intrusion of privacy that results from this and similar technology.

A CNN article outlined how mapping technology could be dangerous in the wrong hands. One issue that was raised was the potential risk of compromised security.

It turns out certain technology offers a glimpse into top-secret locations such as nuclear power plants in the United States. Critics say terrorists from around the world could easily access this technology, which may serve to enable attacks on American soil.

“It struck me that a person in a tent halfway around the world could target an attack with a laptop computer,” Joel Anderson, a Republican legislator in California, was quoted as saying.

I suppose you don’t even have to go that far. What about crafty burglars plotting their next heists? They certainly could use the technology to further their own agendas. I have…

Deanna Hartley


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