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<strong>Chicago &mdash; Jan. 15</strong><br />The recent downturn in the economy and subsequent loss of jobs has job-posting sites and job-search companies bracing for the onslaught of the unemployed.<br /><br />Couple this with the possibility of thousands of job applicants coming on the market with the recent warnings from General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Target and big-box electronics giant Circuit City, job-posting sites, job-search agencies, hiring managers and employers are going to be busy.<br /><br />Sites such as, and will certainly be busy, but newcomer is prepared to outpace these traditional job-posting sites with the use of Internet technology not in use by these standard-bearers of the Internet job-site industry.<br /><br /> brings the use of the Internet to both the job applicant and hiring managers from around the world with cutting-edge, live interviews, online video introduction videos and unique applicant profile pages.<br /><br />The technology used by MyIzzo to bring these parties together can best be seen with the use of the live interview. Applicants and employers can meet face-to-face via a webcam. This technology reduces the time and expense of initial job interviews for both the applicant and the employer. In this day and age of technology and tight pocketbooks, the MyIzzo live interview can only be seen as “genius.”<br /><br />On the Web site, job searchers can put their best foot forward to a possible employer with the use of the online introduction video. This allows applicant to upload a video explaining their qualities and what they can bring to the table for new employers. With the traditional job-posting sites, the applicant has one shot at a face-to-face meeting. allows an applicant to practice their online video introduction and only upload it when they are satisfied.<br /><br />MyIzzo&#39;s profile page is unique in the job-posting industry because it allows the applicant to upload more information about themselves, other than a standard resume. Items, such as pictures, awards, letters of recommendation, certificates and licenses can be uploaded for potential employers to see.<br /><br />These technological tools, via use of the Internet, allow hiring managers to accurately and inexpensively assess the value of a possible new employee.<br /><br />The unemployment numbers are rapidly increasing. Employers are going to be overwhelmed with job seekers. Getting through those numbers to find the right fit between a candidate and a job offering is going to be tougher than it is during normal economic times.<br /><br />While we all wait to see what the current economic situation will mean to the ranks of employed and unemployed, companies such as are not standing still. In normal economic times, the technology used by would be considered leading edge. <br />

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