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<p><strong>Seattle &mdash; Dec. 11</strong><br />Team building has long been touted as a panacea for myriad corporate ills &mdash; such as low employee productivity, disloyalty and substandard group outcomes &mdash; driving many organizations to invest in workshops, seminars and retreats. Yet, a new application of a popular assessment tool can revolutionize team building, according to Impact Achievement Group.<br /><br />In a breakthrough approach, Impact Achievement group leverages the Harrison Assessment System to provide an accurate prediction of team performance, recognizing that self-management is the foundation for management and leadership development.<br /><br />Most organizations resort to team-building exercises to improve performance or remedy a dysfunctional team. Rather than traditional “feel good” activities, there is much more leverage in understanding the underlying team member traits and preferences. This allows team members to become self-aware and self-manage, continuously improving team performance in present and future situations. An ideal tool to achieve tangible results is found in workshops that integrate the Harrison Assessment team application, according to Impact Achievement Group.<br /><br />”When teams come to understand the underlying nature of the individual relationships within their team, they can take responsibility for continuous improvement for team performance,” said Lee Klepinger, president of Impact Achievement Group. “In this way, teams become more proficient at self-management and adopt a process for resolving conflicts and disputes, in addition to taking advantage of diverse points of view and leadership traits.”<br /><br />The Harrison Assessment System is a highly validated instrument that is effectively used for selection, developmental coaching, succession planning and team development. According to Klepinger, Harrison&#39;s exhaustive research and unique Paradox Theory reveals team dynamics in a way that has never before been possible, enabling individual team members to easily identify how their behaviors contribute or obstruct the team objectives. It provides a step-by-step plan in which each team member can make adjustments to facilitate optimal team performance.<br /><br />The Harrison Assessment System helps team members identify paradoxical traits of their own behavior and how their behavioral patterns interact with the patterns of other team members. Through case studies, challenging activities and guided discussion, Impact Achievement Group helps members assess the team behavior patterns against templates for communication, decision making, innovation, risk taking, motivation, power, leadership, accountability, strategy and organization. Teams can then focus individual member strengths in more productive ways and leverage their specific individual talents to reach team goals. </p>

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