Teaching IT Proves Beneficial Beyond Compensation

Not all IT professionals are yelling, “Show me the money!” Some are more interested in the training and development opportunities a company provides, according to a recent study by Robert Half Technology, a provider of IT consultants and staffing services.

When the 1,400 CIOs who participated in the study were asked about the most effective ways to improve staff retention, 27 percent cited increased compensation, 21 percent cited professional development or training, 18 percent cited flexible schedules, 7 percent cited telecommuting and 6 percent cited extra vacation days or time off.

“Compensation topped the list, but right behind was professional development,” said Frank Han, vice president at Robert Half Technology. “IT changes by the day literally. There are always new updates and new technologies. A lot of technology professionals, especially veterans of the business, [say] it’s important they know what the next wave will be, that they understand what the next release is all about.”

Because IT is ever-changing, it’s critical that companies provide employees with professional development and training. This has a twofold impact, as it makes employees more effective in their job roles, and at the same time, it shows them their organizations are interested in making a long-term investment in their development.

But if IT is recognized by CIOs to be an effective retention method, why is it the first line item to be cut? Many times it’s because senior management doesn’t understand the benefits of training.

“The higher-up management [should] understand how important training is,”…



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