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London — Sept. 21
According to Sanjaya Sharma, Tata Interactive Systems CEO, “One of the biggest challenges facing training and educational professionals today is the application of technology to increase learning efficacy, bond the learning community together and facilitate the dialogue between them. As technological and economic changes continue to redefine the dynamics of learning, there are more questions than there are answers.”

Tata Interactive Systems, a worldwide provider of custom e-learning design/development and organizational performance improvement, will address these issues and discuss the latest trends in training and education during its latest worldwide series of Tata Interactive Learning Forums in Chicago (on Oct. 29) and Boston (on Nov. 1).

The Tata Interactive Learning Forum (TLF), now in its fourth year, is where thought leaders and decision makers in the training and education industry from across the globe gain new perspectives on learning and share success strategies, as well as network informally with other industry leaders.

Attendance at these events is by invitation only.

The TLF contains two tracks, focusing on higher education and corporate training. Keynote presentations in the corporate track come from Dave Vance, former president of Caterpillar University, the 2006 CLO of the Year and a board member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and fellow ASTD member, Dr. Allison Rossett, author of best-selling business books and also an established board member of the E-learning Guild.

While Vance shares his knowledge on making the right training decisions, Rossett will discuss electronic performance support systems (EPSS) and their benefits for organizations.

This year, the topics under discussion in the corporate track include:

  • Learning that leads to performance improvement
  • Decision making in the learning function
  • Enabling and supporting performance in the workplace
  • Providing the right performance support, after your training or learning events

The educational track will discuss the following topics:

  • How can technology be leveraged to enhance learner-teacher relationships?
  • What is the social, cultural and organizational impact of adopting such technologies?
  • Can each only play a supplementary role or be the main component of instruction delivery?
  • How does this adoption impact the structure of curricula and instruction design in place today?
  • Online learning is not the missing link — making online education meaningful to the learner.
  • The next stage of evolution for online courses

TLF delegates will also have the chance to examine TIS’s premium range of products, including EPSS and TOPSIM simulations for organizations.

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