Tangerine Wellness Partners with Coalition on Health

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<p><strong>Boston &mdash; May 22</strong><br />Tangerine Wellness, an incentive-based corporate wellness program that reduces the cost of health care for employers has partnered with the Employers&#39; Coalition on Health (ECOH), a Rockford, Ill.-based purchasing coalition.&nbsp; </p><p>Under the arrangement, ECOH member companies will have access to Tangerine&#39;s wellness program and will receive a discount on the Tangerine setup fee. </p><p>ECOH represents more that 135 northern Illinois companies, representing nearly 52,000 covered lives.<br /><br />&quot;Our members understand the benefits of controlling health-care costs, and the Tangerine program will help to improve their bottom line even more,&quot; said Sam Schmitz, ECOH executive director. &quot;Currently, three of our members &mdash; Rockford Acromatic Products, Wesley Willows and Rockford Blacktop &mdash; are already seeing results.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Tangerine&#39;s program is a nice match for the coalition&#39;s mission, and it just seems like a natural fit for us to offer this program to all of our members.&quot;<br /><br />The Tangerine Wellness program, which is a non-prescriptive approach to weight loss and health improvement, focuses on the idea that not just one wellness program will work for everyone. </p><p>Using Tangerine, employees earn cash and other rewards for losing weight. </p><p>Employers lower health-care costs and improve morale and productivity through Tangerine&#39;s customized, fully outsourced program, which includes a suite of online and offline services. </p><p>By offering cumulative rewards and allowing participants to track their results online, Tangerine keeps the program interesting and easy for its participants.<br /><br />&quot;For too long, companies have struggled with complicated wellness programs that require a huge investment with little return. They can&#39;t track results, employees lose interest and the programs are difficult to implement companywide,&quot; said Aaron Day, Tangerine Wellness Inc.&nbsp; chairman. &quot;Our program resolves the toughest wellness issues: long-term results and a return on investment.&quot;<br /><br />Rockford Acromatic Products was one of the founding members of the coalition and is a participating company in the Tangerine Wellness program.&nbsp; </p><p>Rockford Acromatic officials have directly linked employees&#39; weight-loss achievements using the Tangerine Wellness program to saving more than $60,000 in health-care costs. </p><p>On average, Rockford Acromatic was spending an estimated $11,000 per employee with Type II diabetes and with the completion of a six-month trial period, its health claims dropped to $5,000 per year for Type II diabetes-related care.<br /><br />&quot;The Tangerine Wellness program has allowed our firm to save money and return it back to our employees through our profit-sharing plan,&quot; said Jim Knutson, Rockford Acromatic Products risk manager. &quot;But the best part is that our employees are healthier and feel great. They are more productive, and morale is way up.&quot;<br /><br />Recently ECOH member Wesley Willows, a nonprofit continuing-care retirement community in Rockford, Ill., implemented the Tangerine Wellness program.&nbsp; </p><p>With more than 80 percent participation in the first quarter, employees already have lost a cumulative 560 pounds.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;We like the Tangerine program because it&#39;s not a &#39;one-size fits all&#39; approach,&quot; said Cathie Holmgaard, Wesley Willows director of human resources. &quot;Employees can choose any weight loss plan they want, and participation is available for all of our employees. The social networking effect of the program is also quite remarkable, allowing our employees to encourage each other online, share tips and keep the competition fresh every day.&quot;</p>

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