TalentFuse Expands Globally Through Acquisition

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<p><strong>San Diego &mdash; July 11</strong><br />TalentFuse, a San Diego-based IT recruiting and staffing company, has announced that SQL Star, an IT services and technology institution that serves both private and government sectors, has acquired the company.&nbsp; </p><p>The new company will be one of the largest IT staffing and project development firms in the country.</p><p>The acquisition directly addresses industry concern over shortages in qualified IT workers by providing an inexhaustible supply of onshore talent, leveraging SQL Star&#39;s worldwide learning institutions that aim to certify more than 100,000 IT professionals over the next 24-month period.<br /><br />TalentFuse, headquartered in Clairemont, Calif., will acquire a 4,000-square-foot development center in San Diego, as well as additional IT staffing and development centers that will serve more than 300 clients nationwide and several major regions in the United States, including New Jersey and Portland, Ore.</p><p>In addition to staffing services, these centers give existing and future customers an onshore option of outsourcing large IT projects to TalentFuse, which will incubate talent through SQL Star&#39;s learning programs, importing qualified professionals to the United States as needed.</p><p>&quot;SQL Star&#39;s services and IT resources will complement our staffing services greatly,&quot; said Brian Margarita, TalentFuse president. &quot;The acquisition gives Talent Fuse a tremendous competitive advantage by providing clients the options of having a steady flow of top IT personnel for projects or developing and managing entire projects<br />in-house.&quot;</p><p>SQL Star will retain the TalentFuse name, leveraging its brand while bolstering the company roster to more thann 100 employees and tripling revenues. </p><p>&quot;We are excited at the opportunity to merge with TalentFuse,&quot; said Raj Ganti, SQL Star CEO. &quot;This deal is significant because it has given us the ability to create our own channel within the IT industry for importing H1-B employees, a critical requirement for most large customers who elect to outsource.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;TalentFuse has truly become a panacea for all IT staffing and project development needs.&quot;</p>

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