Talent Management SaaS Provider Ends 2007

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<strong>Overland Park, Kan. &mdash; Jan. 16</strong><br />TalentSecure, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider in the talent acquisition/management market, announced unprecedented results of the company&#39;s strong client growth.<br /><br />Capitalizing on its dynamic 2006 momentum, TalentSecure kicked off 2007 with exceptional client growth, which continued through the year to finish with a 450 percent increase in new clients over the previous year&rsquo;s performance. Record-breaking fourth-quarter sales contributed to the company&rsquo;s outstanding performance.<br /><br />This year TalentSecure released its much anticipated Version 2.0, which industry observers are calling a &ldquo;giant leap forward in the co-op-ability of ATS systems and functions&rdquo; (source: Aberdeen Group research 2007). With Version 2.0, TalentSecure demonstrates its understanding of customers&rsquo; future needs by combining traditionally separate business modules into a single suite solution for its clients. Version 2.0 blends many new features and functionality, such as easy-to-use configurability and user screens, electronic document storage, integrations with ADP, Ceridian and Microsoft Dynamics into an already robust platform. <br /><br />TalentSecure is also working on a feature for its next major release, calling it unparalleled in the industry and a completely new and unique way of looking at business information. Companies are purchasing talent acquisition and staffing management software and experiencing substantial hard and soft dollar costs by automating their job posting and application processes.<br /><br />”The industry and the technology continue to evolve, and our single suite solution, available at one price, is leading this evolution&rdquo; said the company&rsquo;s CEO, Michael A. Norris. “Our clients understand that when they come to us, they&#39;re not just going to get the best software available today, but the best software available tomorrow, with industry leading technology far into the future.”<br /><br />TalentSecure features consistently outperform the competition across the board, both from a functional perspective as well as from an ease of use standpoint. TalentSecure&rsquo;s single suite solution is a cost-effective solution, as the customer does not have to purchase additional functionality on a module by module basis. <br /><br />&ldquo;Since its inception, TalentSecure has enabled us to increase our efficiency and customer service,&rdquo; said Kathy Bray, president of Denham Resources. &ldquo;We have cut our administrative time in half and increased our customer service ratings from both candidates and companies. From job postings and application management, TalentSecure has helped our company save both hard and soft dollar resources.&rdquo;<br />

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