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The annual Salary Survey is almost here.IS IT MONEY, or the milk of human kindness that makes the world go ’round? Trick question: Information technology (IT) makes the world go ’round. And successful IT requires smart people who have a high degree of expertise. IT pros don’t gain all of that breadth and depth of knowledge just by snapping their fingers, of course. Education, experience and personal aptitude all play a role.

So does certification. As technology evolves, certification helps skilled professionals stay abreast of the changes. And increasingly, as teachers and professors look for the best means of educating high school and college students and preparing them for real world IT jobs, certification lays the foundation for a lifetime of IT learning and growth.

While money may not actually be the medium that transmits new technology into every corner of the globe, money is certainly involved. And certification is one way for you to get more of it. Or maybe it’s not. Are your certifications helping you find success in the job market? One way for all of us to find out is CertMag’s annual Salary Survey.

After you, and (almost) everyone else like you, gives us the answers to a few simple questions, we’ll crunch the numbers and tell you what we find. We are asking for a small chunk of your time: The Survey has about 75 questions (answering a certain way in a couple of spots may skip you ahead) and probably takes about 20 minutes to complete.

We know that taking any survey requires patience and time, so we’re giving back to everyone who participates. If you take the survey all the way to the end, we’ll thank you with either (or both!) or two incentives. You can get a free digital subscription to Certification Magazine for one whole year. Or you can get a one-year print subscription at 40 percent off the normal cost. (Hate making decisions? Get both! We don’t mind.)

You can see the results next year in January, when our first quarterly issue of 2017 rolls around. (Why not subscribe? No really, we promise you’ll love it.)

BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in our annual Salary Survey. Watch for the results to appear the forthcoming 2017 Winter Edition of Certification Magazine.

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38 thoughts on “Take our annual Salary Survey and receive a FREE digital subscription”

  1. IT certification opens the door to greater job responsibilities and, of course, more money and more job opportunities which will enable a person to be working as a professional earning a good salary.

  2. Why isn’t there an initial employment screening question, such as for those who have not yet been able to find work? I wanted to take the survey but ended up having to abandon it.

    • Joe,

      That’s a great question; one that we’ve been debating. One of the constant challenges we have is creating a survey comprehensive enough to gather information of interest to readers, but not so long that they fail to complete it. In short, we aren’t yet everything to everybody, but we are trying.

      Please do check back on future surveys, and good luck in landing that first gig.

  3. I would have taken the survey but the page didn’t render properly on my iPhone safari browser. Shame on you

    • Adam,

      Shame on us is right! We do our best to make certain the survey is available on all platforms, but sometimes our dedicated, overworked and underpaid IT techs make mistakes. They are only human and we ask your indulgence on their behalf.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go down to the dungeon and slap them around for overlooking your browser.

  4. There are many advantages to having a certification or getting certified on a particular software/system…the first is that you will have a strong grasp of the topic and the knowledge to deal with issues that arise. The proper certification makes your job easier and often opens new opportunities for professional growth. Confidence on the job is always a good thing.

    As far as recruiting new employees, I prefer a certified person because I can trust their ability to work on specific software and systems.

  5. It seems that since I don’t have an IT certification I’m not eligible to submit the survey. This also means you are likely cutting out a ton of long haul IT professionals who earn on the higher-end, and who have been around since before IT certifications existed (I’m a Linux sysadmin since mid 1990s).

    • Liz,

      Unfortunately, our name is “Certification Magazine,” and we focus on certs.

      However, you do bring up a valid point–that there are large numbers of very talented IT professionals working in the field who don’t have a certification. What they do have is a great deal of experience and smarts and our hats are off to you and them.

      Plus there is still time to earn your first cert–drop us a line and we can recommend a couple.

  6. OMG could you have made it HARDER to find the CISSP in the big fugly list of certs? I appreciate that (ISC)2 likes parentheses, but NO ONE ON THE PLANET lists the certification as “(ISC)2 CISSP”. It’s just “CISSP” thanks very much.

    • Morgran,

      At first we thought you were that “Morgan Freeman”. We we’re going to ask you to narrate a certification screenplay we’ve been working on.

      Truth be told, it’s not easy to list so many certs in a survey–sometimes we have to make an editorial call that may not be convenient for everybody. Our decision to label it “(ISC)2 CISSP” was made with an intent to make it easy for our readers to find. This just goes to show that you can’t please everyone. We apologize for any difficulty.

  7. I’m finding it disturbing that in an age of a recognized need of cyber security professionals the salary levels offered by industry remains relatively low.

    • Doug,

      It’s certainly true that salaries for crucial domains can always be higher, but we can rest assured that cyber-sec pros will continue to be in high-demand–especially as the bad-guys get more creative and audacious.

      Thanks for taking the survey.

    • I too am very disappointed to have worked hard to develop IT skills and see wages very low for most of us.

  8. When you are filling out long surveys, by the time we reach end we are exhausted and our mind screams “OMG! Please make this thing end.” Not sure about others but I kind of liked last few sets of questions (I think its around 60), its kind of made me come back from that dull phase of thinking the standard line for answers. Anyways, its my personal opinion!


    • Svasan,

      We understand the challenge of a long questionnaire–hey, we often get distracted reading the back of a cereal box. The surveys are long because we want to capture as much useful information from our readers as possible. We’re glad you liked the whimsical questions at the end–they do tend to inject a bit of levity that so many readers enjoy.

      Thanks for your comment and as always, thanks for reading.

  9. If you want your surveys to be taken seriously do not include stupid unrelated questions at the end of the survey. The survey is long enough as it is with legitimate questions. Stupid questions just take away from the survey. I will not take any future surveys from your company.

    • Joke,

      First off, thanks for your feedback. We here at CertMag appreciate any and all comments.

      Just to clarify, which “stupid unrelated question” are you talking about?

      We here at CertMag world-headquarters like to have fun while we work–hence the whimsical questions at the end of the survey–they bring a bit of levity to our publication and, most readers enjoy them. Besides, humor makes everything better–even funerals.

      We certainly don’t mean to offend, but we’re going to continue presenting our Annual Salary Surveys in an honest and straight forward fashion, with just a dash of jocularity to lighten the mood.

      Thanks for reading and please don’t stop taking our surveys–we’ve got bills to pay.

  10. I have SunMicrosystems Certified Java certificate. Hope I managed to select the nearest match.

  11. 50% of the survey was a complete waste of time, the last 10% was 100% a complete waste of time.

    • Yudai,

      You’re in a high-demand field. Cybercrime is a world-wide epidemic and every organization needs skilled individuals such as yourself.

      Like they say, “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

      Glad to hear you are a Certified Fraud Examiner. Just don’t let the our bosses find out. They may hire you to look over our time cards.

    • Robert,

      An IT certification opens the door to greater job responsibilities and of course, more money.

      You keep swinging hard and studying for a certification and it won’t be long before employers will be calling you!

      Good luck and keep in touch. Let us know when you grab your first job.

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