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It's finally time for the 2021 Salary Survey! Tell us about your tech salary!IS IT MONEY, or the milk of human kindness that makes the world go ’round? Trick question: Information technology (IT) makes the world go ’round. And successful IT requires smart people who have a high degree of expertise. IT pros don’t gain all of that breadth and depth of knowledge just by snapping their fingers, of course. Education, experience, and personal aptitude all play a role.

So does certification. As technology evolves, certification helps skilled professionals stay abreast of the changes. And increasingly, as teachers and professors look for the best means of educating high school and college students and preparing them for real world IT jobs, certification lays the foundation for a lifetime of IT learning and growth.

While money may not actually be the medium that transmits new technology into every corner of the globe, money is certainly involved. And certification is one way for you to get more of it. Or maybe it’s not. Are your certifications helping you find success in the job market? One way for all of us to find out is CertMag’s annual Salary Survey.

After you, and (almost) everyone else like you, gives us the answers to a few simple questions, we’ll crunch the numbers and tell you what we find. We are asking for a small chunk of your time: The 2021 Salary Survey has about 60 questions (answering a certain way in a couple of spots may skip you ahead) and probably takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Please be advised that you will only be permitted to take the survey if you have at least one (1) current IT certification. While we appreciate the volunteer spirit of everyone in IT, the purpose of the survey is to gather information about individuals who hold IT certifications.

We know that taking any survey requires patience and time, so we’re giving back to everyone who participates. If you take the survey all the way to the end, we’ll thank you with either (or both!) or two incentives. You can get a free digital subscription to Certification Magazine for one whole year. Or you can subscribe to the ink-and-paper edition at 40 percent off the normal cost. (Hate making decisions? Do both! We don’t mind.)

Not only that, but you could be one of a lucky handful to participate who gets a small bonus. If you take the entire survey, all the way to the end, you can enter your name and e-mail address in a random drawing to receive one of 15 $50 Amazon gift cards.

BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in our annual Salary Survey. Watch for the results to appear the forthcoming 2021 Winter Edition of Certification Magazine.

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11 thoughts on “Take the 2021 Salary Survey and get a FREE digital subscription”

  1. How are we supposed to answer “how effective are the following methods at preparing an average individual to succeed in a professional IT job role?”?

    Whoever those average people are, they aren’t me, and I don’t know how they learn best. If they are the people getting all the work being outsourced, they wouldn’t even benefit from training. Maybe HCL or Tata or some H1B manager can promise a bunch of MCSEs and CCNAs and Amazon Azure Facebook for Business Teams engineers or something–but I work at a place where the outsourcer provided engineers cheated on the mandatory business and workplace ethics exam–and when they were caught shamelessly doing so, claimed that they didn’t know it was wrong to cheat because they didn’t take the ethics exam to know it was wrong to cheat on the ethics exam.

    Considering such wisdom, if they are people trying not to be outsourced, being “average” is not likely going to allow them to keep their jobs. It’s too cheap to hire cheaters that likely are paper certs anyway–and a core requirement at working at places like that (having jumped off the flaming inferno of IT at a few places before getting burnt) is to provide process flow/scripting for inexperienced unskilled resources from a foreign country.

    Don’t ask us how effective an average person can learn or what methods work best for them — I don’t know anyone average that brand name training is going to save, I don’t know anyone average that has the money to spend on professional training, and I don’t know anyone average that a business is interested in training because businesses interested in retaining workers are not spending that money on the very people they expect to eliminate.

    Ask me something like “how effective are the following methods for you to succeed in a professional IT job role?”, and maybe than I can answer.

    Until then, I *must* click on something wrong to continue with the survey, because apparently leaving inappropriate questions unanswered is not an option.

    I hope some human on your team understands why you get skewed results in your survey; requiring answers to continue without the option to skip or N/A is doing yourselves a disservice.

  2. I have done many certifications, MCSE, MCP, CCNA , ISO Lead Auditor, PMP, CISM, ITIL V3 . Finally was able to complete Okta certificate as well. Okta certificate definitely give good kick start to the career.

  3. I’ve let most of my certifications expire. Cisco did a terrible job of keeping up on theirs and only provided a little real world value the first time through. Certifications don’t seem to provide many first contact employment opportunities any more, and once you pass HR they’re irrelevant.

    At this point, I don’t think most certifications provide much value to anybody except resellers to get better discount levels. They don’t even help you get to a useful level of support (e.g. bypass tiers 1-2 or 3).

    Most vendors certifications don’t seem to do a lot more than test what you could google or command complete just as easy, and sell you vendor terms and products.

    It’s interesting to watch the industry, but I think certifications have lost most of their value, and even then only provide that for entry level positions.

    On a similar note, I think these virtual conferences are also largely useless. Low engagement, low education, boring content. The biggest value was in the hallways.
    We’re getting better at working individually remotely. But worse at corporate training and on-boarding.

  4. I have done 16 certifications, MCP & CCNA in 2007, ISO Lead Auditor in 2009,ITIL V3 in 2011, Google IT specialist in 2020, CCISP in 2020, IBM cyber security in 2020, currently doing AIML post graduation. Also looking for an opportunity

  5. I received my A+ certification in 2002, My Network Systems Administration Associates Degree in 2015, and my MCP in 2019.

  6. A lot of meaningful questions regarding professional certifications. However, I think some questions at the end may not be relevant unless it is related to cultural risk management.

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