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It's finally time for the 2019 Salary Survey! Tell us about your tech salary!IS IT MONEY, or the milk of human kindness that makes the world go ’round? Trick question: Information technology (IT) makes the world go ’round. And successful IT requires smart people who have a high degree of expertise. IT pros don’t gain all of that breadth and depth of knowledge just by snapping their fingers, of course. Education, experience and personal aptitude all play a role.

So does certification. As technology evolves, certification helps skilled professionals stay abreast of the changes. And increasingly, as teachers and professors look for the best means of educating high school and college students and preparing them for real world IT jobs, certification lays the foundation for a lifetime of IT learning and growth.

While money may not actually be the medium that transmits new technology into every corner of the globe, money is certainly involved. And certification is one way for you to get more of it. Or maybe it’s not. Are your certifications helping you find success in the job market? One way for all of us to find out is CertMag’s annual Salary Survey.

After you, and (almost) everyone else like you, gives us the answers to a few simple questions, we’ll crunch the numbers and tell you what we find. We are asking for a small chunk of your time: The 2019 Salary Survey has about 60 questions (answering a certain way in a couple of spots may skip you ahead) and probably takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Please be advised that you will only be permitted to take the survey if you have at least one (1) current IT certification. While we appreciate the volunteer spirit of everyone in IT, the purpose of the survey is to gather information about individuals who hold IT certifications.

We know that taking any survey requires patience and time, so we’re giving back to everyone who participates. If you take the survey all the way to the end, we’ll thank you with either (or both!) or two incentives. You can get a free digital subscription to Certification Magazine for one whole year. Or you can subscribe to the ink-and-paper edition at 40 percent off the normal cost. (Hate making decisions? Do both! We don’t mind.)

You can see the results next year in January, when our first quarterly issue of 2019 rolls around. (Why not subscribe? No really, we promise you’ll love it.)

BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in our annual Salary Survey. Watch for the results to appear the forthcoming 2019 Winter Edition of Certification Magazine.

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23 thoughts on “Take the 2019 Salary Survey and Get a FREE digital subscription”

  1. How come this website is NOT protected with basic TLS security, especially while conducting surveys which includes collection of some personal information and other details from IT/Security professionals?

  2. SAS Certification will help you recognized in the industry, specially in the healthcare and clinical research.

  3. 1) The whole “frames” thing? It sucks, and shouldn’t even be an option. There’s no explanation for it.

    2) Why rows and rows of radio buttons when drop down lists and selection boxes work better?

    3) I had to lie on question 15 because my most recent certification isn’t listed, and “Not listed” isn’t an option.

    4) Sometimes “Not sure” is an answer. (Do you plan to pursue a certification in the next 12 months?)

    5) Gag questions (#51, #56) should not be mandatory.

  4. In future surveys, please omit the extraneous silly questions. I’m giving you my time to answer serious question – I don’t appreciate wasting even a moment to read through and answer so many stupid questions that are unrelated to the survey topic. Please be considerate and respectful of our time and you’ll probably receive more survey responses.

  5. Okta has a great accreditation programme which is really well structured and ensures the exams are difficult – can’t be replicated – and is a fair test of knowledge

  6. My salary changes with the amount of clients my company attains. Last year, I taught and my base salary went down.

  7. I filled the survey but in the end failed subscribe the digital magazine. Can you enrol me in? Thanks

  8. This survey did not include for the eventuality that certifications earned/received most recently may already outdated–and not listed. If the cert was not pulled, one still has them, but might not be available for others to become certified in.

    Therefore, I couldn’t honestly answer the question as to the most recent certificate I received, nor if I received a promotion or raise because of it. This is due to that cert not being in the list, or others even in the time range. To be honest, I have too many certs that are inapplicable and were only obtained to provide some sort of employer margin bonus. There are lots of certified people out there that are required to test so that their employers get a bonus or discount or are eligble to do something officially that they have done well supporting–if perhaps unofficially.

    The survey would not allow me to bypass the question demanding I pick the most recent cert out of the list; as a result, I picked one I had, but wasn’t the most recent. Now I am sure that something entirely irrelevant to my career is recorded as not getting me a promotion or raise, that cert I chose certainly did not. But if the cert I actually obtained was listed–it did provide those benefits, but I couldn’t select it since it was not part of the choices.

    Yet I suppose it doesn’t matter in the end, since there is little reason to promote that a cert that isn’t offered anymore got someone a promotion or raise; none of my most recent certs afforded that.

    It’s the certs I obtained quite long ago that are the enduring factors; being rich in experience can make one rich, being new in an emerging tech can get you hired, too–then they realize hey that guy seems to know how this other stuff actually works.

    You also may want to try including some other, if not trendy, certifications that benefit IT if not made for IT. I am ISO 9000/Green Belt certified, too. That training has helped shape my approach for years; other skills I have in the IT world have benefitted from having that multi-disciplinary approach to problems and their resolutions.

  9. The form did not include all the Esri certs on some lists. Question 22 is broken. I could not complete all the radio buttons, but the form would not let me advance.

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