Symantec Expands Product Certification Program

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<p><strong>Cupertino, Calif. &mdash; June 2</strong><br />Symantec Corp. announced the Symantec Certification Program, which combines technical credentials for Symantec data protection, high availability and security into a single program that covers the company&#39;s broad product portfolio. </p><p>Offered through Symantec Education Services, this formal certification program enables IT professionals to strengthen their professional development and enhance their careers by earning technical credentials for Symantec products. <br /><br />In addition, certified IT staffers demonstrate the highest level of technical competency that will ensure that Symantec technology is utilized for maximum performance and reduce an organization&#39;s overall IT risk. <br /><br />"For IT managers to get the most benefit out of their technology investment, their teams must be fully skilled in the features and functions of their tools," said Cushing Anderson, program vice president, IDC Research. </p><p>"IDC Research shows that training, and ultimately certification, represents the most effective way to ensure a team has the right skills to fully leverage the benefits built into new technologies." <br /><br />Symantec&#39;s Certification Program introduces new certification exams, a consistent set of exam-preparation materials for all certification paths and an online Certification Forum to facilitate collaboration among certification candidates and certified professionals. <br /><br />Additionally, by providing a unified certification program that spans Symantec&#39;s entire portfolio of solutions, Symantec now offers IT professionals a streamlined and consistent framework for earning credentials that verify their competence in Symantec data-protection, high availability and security technologies. <br /><br />"Certification offers a consistent, standardized measurement of an individual&#39;s technical capabilities and indicates that an IT professional has mastered the highest level of product competency," said Lee Futch, group product manager at Symantec. <br /><br />"Certifications are an important step for organizations looking to maintain a talented IT team with high-caliber credentials and technical knowledge needed to solve complex IT issues and avoid system downtime that could result in loss of business. At the same time, IT staffers can leverage these credentials to advance their career and distinguish themselves among their peers in the industry." <br />Although certification exams may vary in complexity and depth, all exams cover core product elements, measuring technical knowledge against factors such as installation, configuration, product administration and day-to-day maintenance. Exams are computer-based and delivered at the more than 4,000 secure, standardized and geographically dispersed Prometric testing centers located in more than 135 countries worldwide. <br /><br />Symantec will also offer onsite certification testing at Symantec Vision 2008 in Las Vegas on June 8-13. <br /></p>

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