Survey: Two-Thirds of Employees Must Bypass Data Security Controls to Do Their Jobs

<p><strong>Ely, England &mdash; March 31</strong><br />Sixty-eight percent of employees admit to bypassing their employers&rsquo; information security controls in order to do their jobs, according to new research from IT Governance Limited. This finding suggests that, even in some of the most sophisticated and security-conscious organizations, managers are failing to understand the correct balance between the confidentiality and availability of information. By implementing the wrong policies and procedures, they are potentially putting their organizations at risk and may be undermining the legitimacy of information security in employees&rsquo; eyes.<br /> <br />IT Governance Limited is the one-stop-shop for books, tools, training and consultancy on governance, risk and compliance. In February 2008, it polled 130 technology and compliance professionals on issues concerning the UK Data Protection Act (DPA). The respondents included some of the best informed professionals in this area, as evidenced by the high proportion of organizations with independently certified data security measures. The full findings of this survey will be published next month in &ldquo;Data Breaches: Trends, Costs and Best Practices,&rdquo; the first of IT Governance&rsquo;s new series of best practice reports. <br /> <br />The research found that most organizations appeared aware of their responsibilities under the DPA, with more than 80 percent having a data controller or someone responsible for maintaining privacy. Eighty-two percent of organizations had clear policies and procedures for protecting personal data, including documented procedures (68 percent of organizations), formal procedures (57 percent) and informal procedures (24 percent). </p><p>Twenty-one percent had policies and procedures certified to best practice…



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