Survey Shows Fear Rules in IT, Budget Reviews

A recent survey by Fasthosts Internet uncovered surprising behaviors by individuals conducting IT-related business decisions. It found that even as these individuals are becoming more hands-on in their IT management and are increasingly pressured to cut costs, they still let fear of service interruption lead them to delay replacing equipment and may even end up paying more than they should to stay covered.

The survey was done in partnership with Wired magazine, which conducted an online poll of its adult readers earlier this year, asking about their current use of server solutions.

One-third of respondents said they still hesitate to consider a replacement server even if it is necessary. Fifty-three percent of business owners reported being more involved in decisions relating to their IT needs because of the current state of the economy. Additionally, 29 percent of respondents have reviewed their budget for servers in the past six months, and 54 percent have analyzed their finances during the last year.

But despite all this oversight, respondents reported much trepidation about making changes to their IT infrastructure. Thirty-three percent of the survey's participants said they would be fearful of switching to a new provider because of a potential disruption to their service. Tellingly, 22 percent have not updated or changed their server solution in at least three years despite the fact that 25 percent said they want to lower their external server costs.

Even feeling ripped-off was not sufficient impetus to drive change here. Forty-five percent of survey participants said…



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