Survey Finds IT Security Still Hot

As the number of devices connected to networks continues to explode, and workforces become increasingly mobile, security has become the hot-button issue for everyone from the technicians responsible for systems and networks to the business owners whose organizations might be threatened by a security breakdown.

A recent survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) confirms this. The poll of more than 1,100 technology professionals found 24.3 percent think security technologies will have the greatest impact on their organizations this year. Security ranked second in a similar CompTIA poll in 2006.

“It seems that every week, there is another news story about an organization that’s suffered a significant security breach,” said Brian McCarthy, CompTIA chief operating officer. “The heightened risk associated with breaches and the growing list of regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA have raised the security-awareness level within organizations of all sizes.”

Placing second in CompTIA’s survey was wireless data, with 13.1 percent of technology professionals selecting this as potentially having the greatest impact on their businesses this year.

“It demonstrates the importance of mobile computing today,” McCarthy said. “The workforce is more mobile than ever. Whether it’s a laptop computer, a PDA, a smart phone or a BlackBerry, mobile workers want access to the same data and applications that they have when they’re in their offices.”

Web 2.0 placed low in the poll, with just 6.9 percent of respondents selecting it. This might seem surprising, given the amount of lip…



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