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<strong>Purchase, N.Y. &mdash; June 18</strong><br />Corporate social responsibility contributes positively to a company&#39;s bottom line, as well as increases employees&#39; pride, their engagement in their jobs and customer loyalty, according to a survey conducted by Sirota Survey Intelligence, specialists in attitude research.<br /><br />Despite these benefits, almost half (47 percent) of respondents do not feel their organizations are implementing a comprehensive and coherent CSR strategy, according to the survey of more that 200 human resource professionals.<br /><br />&quot;Most respondents feel an effective CSR program delivers significant benefits to an organization,&quot; said Douglas Klein, Sirota Survey Intelligence president. &quot;However, while more than seven out of 10 (71 percent) of respondents feel CSR should be a top priority, 47 percent do not feel their organizations are tapping the full potential of a comprehensive and effective CSR program.&quot; <br /><br />According to the survey, respondents outlined these benefits of an effective and comprehensive CSR program:<br /><br /><ul><li>Good for the bottom line (87 percent).</li><li>Generates a greater sense of employee pride and results in greater employee engagement (85 percent).</li><li>Enhances customer loyalty (84 percent).</li><li>Attracts new customers (80 percent).</li><li>Minimize the costs and consequences of regulatory activist pressures (65 percent).</li></ul><p>Two-thirds of respondents expect their organizations to intensify their CSR focus within the next three years, according to the survey.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;There is, nonetheless, a significant minority (34 percent) who do not believe that leading employers will improve their dedication to corporate social responsibility,&quot; Klein said.<br /><br />Other research by Sirota Survey Intelligence showed that employees who are satisfied with their company&#39;s commitment to social responsibility have positive views about their employer in several other key areas &mdash; including its sense of direction, competitiveness, integrity, interest in their well-being and employee engagement. </p><p>Seventy percent of employees have a positive view of their organization&#39;s CSR policies, according to a study of 1.6 million employees from more than 70 organizations by Sirota Survey Intelligence.<br /><br />Of those who are satisfied with their employer&#39;s CSR commitment:<br /></p><ul><li>86 percent have high levels of engagement.</li><li>82 percent feel their organization is highly competitive in the marketplace.<br /></li><li>75 percent feel their employer is interested in their well-being.<br /></li><li>71 percent rate senior management as having high integrity.<br /></li><li>67 percent feel senior management has a strong sense of direction.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&quot;The first step to capturing the considerable benefits of CSR activities is for the organization to raise awareness in the executive suite,&quot; Klein said. &quot;This can be achieved by clarifying the positive relationships between CSR and various aspects of organizational effectiveness and sustained business success.&quot;</p>

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