Bosses Think Subordinates Spend More Time

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<p><strong>Madbury, N.H. &mdash; June 27</strong><br />Twice as many bosses think their subordinates spend more time on nonwork-related activities than they do, according to a new survey by NFI Research.<br /><br />Forty-three percent of bosses say their subordinates spend more than 10 percent of their time<br />on non-work related activities (personal matters, Web surfing and socializing). </p><p>When speaking about themselves, however, only 21 percent of managers say they spend more than 10 percent of their time on nonwork-related activities, according to the worldwide survey of 176 senior executives and managers.<br /><br />&quot;With the amount of work businesspeople face today, the line between work and personal matters can blur,&quot; said Chuck Martin, NFI Research CEO. &quot;Since many people work nights and weekends while at home, companies should expect and accept that those same workers might do at least some nonwork-related activities while at the office.&quot; <br /><br />In the survey, there was no significant difference between senior executives and managers or by organization size.<br /><br />&quot;I believe that unfettered access to the Internet costs companies millions of dollars per year in lost productivity, not to mention increased exposure to viruses, hackers and outside attacks,&quot; one survey respondent said. &quot;That being said, I do feel that socializing is an important part of the work environment. It facilitates information and idea exchange that might otherwise not occur and gives<br />employees healthy opportunity to &#39;blow off some steam.&#39;&quot;<br /><br />NFI Research surveys 2,000 senior executives and managers globally every two weeks. </p><p>It has chronicled the transformation of business and countless workplace issues for more than seven years.&nbsp; </p><p>NFI Research&#39;s membership represents some of the world&#39;s most renowned and innovative companies, including many Fortune 100 Companies.</p>

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