Surety Introduces AbsoluteProof FolderSeal

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<strong>Reston, Va.</strong><br />Surety, LLC, the leading provider of data integrity solutions, announced the release of AbsoluteProof FolderSeal, a new delivery model of its flagship content security and authentication solution, AbsoluteProof. Built upon AbsoluteProof&rsquo;s patented hash-chain linking method of time-stamping, the Windows-based FolderSeal enables users to automatically time-stamp and Seal all electronic records stored within specified folders at given intervals. Records stored in the designated folder will have independent, long-lasting proof of their time of creation and content integrity, thus safeguarding documents from later tampering and providing users with an added level of security for these crucial electronic records. <br /><br />FolderSeal uses an Automated Sealer to time-stamp all electronic files within a designated folder and subfolders, providing objective proof of the time and content integrity of the records contained therein. The lightweight, easy-to-use solution can be configured to automatically. Seal documents at specified intervals so all new or modified records in a folder will be Sealed and protected without user initiation. Third parties, including attorneys, regulators and customers, can also verify the authenticity of documents with the freely available AbsoluteProof Viewer. <br /><br />Companies of all sizes can use AbsoluteProof FolderSeal to safeguard important business records against tampering and alteration to prove regulatory compliance, protect valuable intellectual property and ensure litigation readiness. <br /><br />&ldquo;With the proliferation of critical business records being kept in electronic-only format and the increased focus on electronic discovery, organizations need a simple and reliable way to protect these documents and prove their authenticity,&rdquo; said Tom Klaff, CEO of Surety, LLC. &ldquo;AbsoluteProof FolderSeal&rsquo;s automated Sealing function means that the entire contents of a designated folder and its subfolders are timed-stamped and authenticated at configured time intervals, leaving employees to focus on the task at hand while ensuring data integrity for the organization.&rdquo; <br /><br />AbsoluteProof FolderSeal starts at $50 per seat with volume discounts beginning at 11 seats. Licenses can be purchased for one- or two-year spans and allow for an unlimited number of time-stamp transactions within that time. The solution can be used on either a personal computer or a server, providing greater flexibility for organizations. AbsoluteProof&rsquo;s standards-compliant technology is compatible with rich or Word documents, spreadsheets, e-mails and many other forms of electronic data. FolderSeal&rsquo;s seamless integration with Windows Explorer allows for fast and easy deployment and configuration.<br />

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