Supply Chain Management Online Course Available

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<p><b>Fort Worth, Texas &mdash; Jan. 31</b><br/>Gatlin Education Services has added a Supply Chain Management Online Certificate Program that is now available for spring enrollment. </p><p>The 240-hour course will be offered through Gatlin&rsquo;s partnership with major colleges and universities.</p><p>&ldquo;Today, every business and individual is touched by a supply chain,&rdquo; said Tim Perlick, a supply chain management senior associate with the Rutgers University School of Business. &ldquo;Increasingly, we must rely on effective supply chains or networks to successfully compete in the global market and networked economy. </p><p>&quot;Supply Chain Management recognizes the importance of properly managing each of the components of a supply chain to build and deliver value to customers.&rdquo;</p><p>Designed as a comprehensive course, the Supply Chain Management Certificate Program examines managerial behavior, organizational strategies, incentive alignment, leadership, ethics, sales and marketing management, accounting, finance and corporate governance, operations management, human resources and information technology.</p><p>&ldquo;To successfully compete in today&rsquo;s distribution industry, companies must continually deliver value to their customers while effectively managing its resources and generating a profit,&rdquo; said Stephen Gatlin, founder of Gatlin Education Services. &ldquo;To meet these challenges, leading organizations require experienced managers who are trained in the dynamics of supply chain management.&rdquo;</p><p>The Supply Chain Management Certificate Program combines faculty instruction from Rutgers University with Upper Division Management Education Tracks from Thomson Higher Education. </p><p>Upon successful completion of the course, participants are awarded a certificate of completion.</p>

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