Super Bowl Boost to HDTV Sales Potential Headache for Consumers

Imagine, this Saturday, you’re at BestBuy and make a snap decision that you want to watch the Bears play the Colts on a massive, high-definition TV. You buy the TV, but the earliest it can be delivered is an hour before kickoff. “No matter,” you think. “It’s simply a matter of hooking it up once it arrives.”

Cut to an hour after kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. The TV’s been delivered, but you’re still sitting on the floor behind it, flipping through owner’s manuals and swimming through a mass of DVR, VCR, DVD and HDTV coaxial cables, power cords and connector wires, not to mention trying to hook all this into your surround-sound system and PC. Meanwhile, your friends and family went to a bar to watch the game.

It’s a scenario likely to play out in households all over the nation this month, as HDTV sales see a bump in the run-up to the Super Bowl. According to the second-annual “Inside the Mind of the HD Sports Fan” survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Sports Video Group (SVG), 50 percent of sports fans purchased an HDTV for the purpose of watching a specific sporting event. The top sporting events driving HDTV purchases was the Super Bowl, which was also selected as the favorite event sports fans watch in HD.

“This time of year, both with the holidays (having just passed) and a convergence of a lot of big sporting activities, it prods a…



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