Sun Working on Simulations for Solaris Certs

Sun Microsystems released three certifications just a few months ago around its new Solaris 10 operating system, and both feedback from certification candidates and critical acclaim have exceeded the company’s expectations, said Jim Vonick, product marketing manager of Sun professional certifications, and Gary Fluitt, Sun’s certification manager. But the program isn’t just settling into success, they added. Sun is seriously looking into the possibility of implementing simulations for Solaris 10 certification exams in the near future, they told CertMag EXTRA last week.

The development of these performance-based tests is still in the experimental phases, but Fluitt predicts the company will be able to offer definitive details as to whether this modality will be adopted and what it will look like in a matter of weeks. “We’re validating that the simulations are, in fact, psychometrically valid,” he said. “We have not committed to releasing such an exam, but we’re heading down that path of a simulation-based experience. If it in fact proves to be psychometrically valid, we’re going to be re-releasing the exam.

“We’re getting pretty excited about it,” he added. “It’s really cool stuff. I would say it’s a high-end simulation. You’re going to be doing things in Solaris on a PC. It is definitely a better proof of one’s skills. We’re looking at this as a way of raising the bar on the validity and the value of certifications, as well as the credibility of the candidate who gets certified.”

The Sun Solaris 10 certification suite…



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