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Sun Web Site

Sun Certification Home
This is where to start looking for anything certification-related.

BigAdmin System Administration Portal Resources
resources bigadmin
A huge collection of administrative information, tools and more, including in-house and third-party stuff. Definitely worth a visit for Solaris or network storage exam candidates.

Java Developer Technical Support
Problems solved, mysteries explained and FAQs galore.

Java Platform Documentation
Nice chart that compares Solaris releases 2.6, 7, 8 and 9.

Sun Documentation Center
Find books, links and related resources on this page.

Sunsolve Online Support Documents
Patches, downloads, security bulletins, FAQs and more.

Using Device Path Names to Identify System Devices
Great information on an extremely relevant exam topic for Solaris types.


System Admin Sites

Free online dictionary of computing (FOLDOC) terms.

Performance Q&A
One of best sources for performance tuning tips and info.

Solaris Central
News and information for Solaris users and administrators.

Pointers and resources for all kinds of Sun technical topics.

Sun Performance Tuning Site
Information on performance tuning, capacity planning and security.

TechWeb’s terrific online technical encyclopedia.

UnixEd Solaris Certification Resource Site
Online practice exams, lab facilities, resources and more.

Unix System Administrator’s Resources
Useful on the job, as well as for prepping for exams.


Java/Developer Sites

Bill Brogden’s Java Certification Resources
Good exam information, hardest questions, free practice tests.

Dan Chisholm Certified Java Programmer Mock Exam
Mock exam, plus tutorials and great resource pointers.

Enterprise Developer
The Jcertify training tool, plus practice exams and an exam simulator.

See Rules Roundup, Java Certification FAQ and forums.
Best and biggest Java cert exam resource site: books, tips, resources, practice tests and more.

Marcus Green’s Certification HQ
Demos, FAQs, tutorials, mock exams and more.

SCJP Questions & Answers by Roseanne Zhang
Comprehensive Q&A on common Java programming questions.

Best simulators for most Sun/Java exams, forums, articles.


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