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<p><strong>Mountain View, Calif. &mdash; Aug. 8</strong><br />SumTotal Systems, a global provider of talent and learning management solutions, has released SumTotal Enterprise Suite 7.6.</p><p>The newest version of SumTotal&#39;s award-winning software helps executives find talent, identify and fill gaps in a workforce&#39;s skill set and recognize and reward employee performance.<br /><br />&quot;In this release, we added a number of components of functionality based on customer feedback, however, the major areas of focus were ease of use and configurability,&quot; said Dave Crussell, SumTotal chief operating officer. </p><p>Usability enhancements to SumTotal 7.6 include an array of intuitively designed features for employees to tap as they &quot;drive&quot; their learning experience, including supercharged search, easy-to-use course registration panels and customer-designed displays. </p><p>SumTotal 7.6 challenges the industry&#39;s standards by giving users a more streamlined way to launch learning and measure performance when and how they need it.<br /><br />By providing HR and training professionals with software that can be tailored to the way employees work, SumTotal&#39;s executives feel the newly released software suite will become the foundation for managing workers through every stage of their career. </p><p>SumTotal designed its new suite to give its customers what they said they needed to manage employee learning, performance and compensation.<br /><br />SumTotal engineered its newest talent management software suite with hundreds of &quot;workflows&quot; (or methods, procedures and processes) that mirror the way its customers develop, assess and reward talent.<br /><br />&quot;For example, while most companies think about succession planning in the same way, they often have unique processes for identifying critical roles and searching their respective organizations for the right successors,&quot; said Marcus Wasdin, SumTotal vice president of marketing and product management. &quot;SumTotal 7.6 offers workflows that more closely match the way senior-level executives and their HR and training teams want to identify candidates and groom them for higher-level responsibilities. We believe SumTotal 7.6 makes what many considered a leading talent management solution even better.&quot; </p><p>In a May 2007 Gartner report, &quot;MarketScope for Employee Performance Management Software, 2007,&quot; researchers wrote, &quot;SumTotal now offers a talent management application suite that encompasses learning, performance, compensation and succession management. Customers feel that SumTotal has been flexible in meeting their specific needs.&quot; </p><p>The report noted that SumTotal&#39;s software had both solid and strong performance, compensation and succession management capabilities.</p><p>In fact, many of the new capabilities users will find in SumTotal 7.6 are a result of SumTotal&#39;s product management team taking customers&#39; top suggestions and building those into the new release.</p><p>&quot;We took our customers&#39; top requests ranging from enhancements to the way companies deliver learning to supporting the latest technology, and we built a solution that&#39;s focused on they way our customers develop their employees instead of creating software that attacks, in a very tactical way, an HR or training manager&#39;s to-do list,&quot; Wasdin said. &nbsp;&nbsp; </p><p>Along with the addition of 250 workflows for managing performance and learning, SumTotal 7.6 also offers many technology enhancements, which include support for database platforms like Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2005.<br /><br />&quot;SumTotal 7.6 will give executives, as well as HR and training teams, a way to seamlessly assess employees&#39; skill sets and deliver the learning experiences that will increase job performance,&quot; Crussell said. &quot;Best of all for our customers, we feel we&#39;ve designed our newest release in a way that reflects how they and their respective organizations prefer to work.&quot;</p>

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