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The November issue of Certification Magazine.Current Issue — Security Edition
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When everyone and everything is at risk of being hacked — from CIA director John Brennan to the POS transaction system at Target — where can individuals and organizations turn for safety and stability? We all need to get smarter about cybersecurity, but until that happens, skilled IT data and network protection professionals will be cashing increasingly substantial paychecks. Our latest Salary Survey PLUS confirms that escalating demand for security skills is driving salaries sky high.

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2015 Magazine Issues
The August issue of Certification Magazine delves into the wonderful world of Linux.August — Linux Edition
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Is Linux a quirky tech hobby for geeks, or the OS of champions? Casual personal computer users probably assume it’s the former, but if you work in IT, then you know it’s definitely, inarguably the latter. Since bursting onto the IT scene in 1991, Linux has become the backbone of the internet and the gas in the tank of nearly all of the world’s supercomputers. This issue includes the results of our Linux Salary Survey, IT career advice, profiles of certified professionals, and much more.

The May issue of Certification MagazineMay — Big Data Edition
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Are you in on the Big Data boom? From the cash register at the supermarket, to the fitness band that counts the steps on your morning run, to the app on your phone that logs your stats from all those games of Words with Friends — each of us is just a thousand points of light in someone’s data storage cluster. Businesses and governments are starting to tap the rich potential (and potential riches) of all those vast quantities of information. Find out how certification can help you get a piece of the action.

The February issue of Certification MagazineFebruary — Annual Salary Survey Edition

There may be a reason that our annual Salary Survey is one of the most popular things we do. We’re pretty sure that at least some people like to read this stuff almost as much as we like to ask about it. For example, did you know that the average total salary for EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification rose from $94,040 in 2013 to $96,290 in 2014? Neither did we, until a few weeks ago – but isn’t it cool?