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Certification Magazine Spring 2020 Web Design and Development EditionCurrent Issue — Web Design and Development Edition
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What does the Sistine Chapel have to do with the internet? OK, probably not a whole lot. (It’s a tortured analogy even for us.) The point is that most of us look at the internet a lot, and that someone painstakingly designed both the form and function of what we see when we do. This issue contains the results of our Web Design and Development Survey, along with a variety of other features. Ever wondered whether certifications earned by students are worth a darn? Find out one answer to that perplexing problem, and more.

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2020 Magazine Issues
Certification Magazine January 2020 Salary Survey EditionJanuary — Salary Survey Edition
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What if they threw a Salary Survey and no one came? We didn’t have to worry about it this year, as more than 5,000 certified IT professionals contributed to a vast stockpile of IT certification and salary data. This is the issue where we present our initial findings and roll out the new Salary Survey 75. There’s plenty of other good stuff here as well, however, with an overview of top tech trends, stories about success in IT education, and even advice about how to succeed in (yikes!) talking to other people.

2019 Magazine Issues
Certification Magazine October 2019 Linux EditionOctober — Linux Edition
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The Mouse That Roared is the title of a satirical novel and maybe, if you change “mouse” to “penguin,” also an apt description of the rise of Linux from pet project of a Finnish programming student to the biggest software development revolution of ever. You’ll learn a lot more about Linux in this issue, and also get an insider’s perspective on building your cybersecurity career from scratch. We also have our usual mix of profiles, as well a 50-cent answer to a two-bit question: Are tech’s biggest firms turning into monopolizing menaces that need to be broken up?

Certification Magazine July 2019 Security EditionJuly — Security Edition
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What do Yahoo!, Equifax, Target, Home Depot, Jimmy Johns, Uber, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and the city of Los Angeles all have in common? They’ve all been hacked. There are many more sitting ducks out there, and the problem is getting worse. We’ll tell you what certified security professionals have to say about that and other concerns, venture into the world of Git and GitHub, and more. We also have our usual mix of profiles, as well a 50-cent answer to a two-bit question: Should there only be one exam for CompTIA’s A+ credential?

Certification Magazine April 2019 Computer Networking EditionApril — Big Data Edition
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Humans have always had a healthy appetite for data: Just ask the ancient historian Livy, who filled up 142 volumes with his far-reaching history of Rome. With the dawn of information age, however, we may have bitten off more than we can chew. We’ll tell you what certified Big Data professionals have to say about that and other concerns, address the growing popularity of role-based certification, and more. We also have our usual mix of profiles, as well as a timely discussion of the problem of ageism in IT.

Certification Magazine January 2019 Salary Survey EditionJanuary — Salary Survey Edition
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You can’t talk about politics and religion, and you should never ask someone how much money they make. Except that every year we ask total strangers how much money they make — and then we tell you all about it. (The scandal!) That’s right, the Salary Survey issue is here. In addition to survey results, we’ve also got advice for exam takers, an overview of the technology trends that will shape 2019, and more. We also visit opposite sides of the United States to profile two strong women, one a teacher and one a student, who are conquering IT.

2018 Magazine Issues
Certification Magazine October 2018 Computer Networking EditionOctober — Computer Networking Edition
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The distance around the Earth at the equator is still 24,901 miles, and if you set out to walk from San Diego to New York City, you’ll still have to leg it more than 2,700 miles. Computer networking makes the world feel smaller, however, as the internet continues to expand, reaching out to touch every person place and thing. This issue of the magazine includes results from our latest survey, advice for D-I-Y certification training, and more. We also get to know six high school kids who banded together to conquer CompTIA’s A+.

Certification Magazine July 2018 Tech Support EditionJuly — Computer Technician Edition
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In the early decades of the information age, tech support professionals — the guys who could fix your malfunctioning PC, or build a new one from scratch — were close to the top of the IT food chain. In 2018, many are in danger of being replaced by machines. This issue of the magazine includes results from our latest survey, advice for support professionals who want to become their own bosses, and more. We also make the acquaintance of Martin Ballard, who walked away from a prosperous family business to teach high school kids about computers.

Certification Magazine April 2018 Salary Survey EditionApril — Cloud Computing Edition
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Remember the childhood game where you point to a cloud in the sky and tell your buddy what it looks like? Did either of you ever say, “That one looks like a versatile business infrastructure solution,” or, “That one looks like unlimited personal data storage”? This issue of the magazine includes results from our Cloud Certification Survey, a rundown of top cloud computing certs, and more. There are even things not directly related to the Cloud, like career advice for aspiring technical trainers, and an overview of the return of adaptive testing.

Certification Magazine January 2018 Salary Survey EditionJanuary — Salary Survey Edition
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Is your employer paying you what you’re worth? Our annual Salary Survey issue is back, with data from more than 4,000 certified IT professionals. There’s a new Salary Survey 75 list, a new list of which certifications are high on the to-do list of working IT pros, and much more. Also in this issue, we have suggestions for teachers helping students to master Microsoft Office, guidance for promoting the value of your IT credentials in a crowded market, and a look at technology trends that could change the industry in 2018.

2017 Magazine Issues
Certification Magazine October 2017 Security EditionOctober — Security Edition
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The world has need of employable cybersecurity professionals. Many more of them than we have now, in fact. Experts estimate that there are currently more than 1 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs, and there will be 1.8 million unfilled jobs by 2022. That’s just one of the looming cybersecurity challenges discussed in this issue, along with the results of our latest certification survey. Also in this issue, we give tips to promote success in online learning, consider the value of a college degree in computer science, and more.

Certification Magazine July 2017 Big Data EditionJuly — Big Data Edition
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Do you know what a zettabyte is? It’s a whole lot of data — 1 sextillion ordinary garden variety bytes — and also not very much at all. Merely a single year’s worth of traffic on the internet. What are we doing with all of that data, and how can it benefit us? It can benefit working professionals who hold Big Data certifications, for one, as we learned from our latest salary survey. Also in this issue, we help you get better at motivating students to take and pass certification exams, check in on the state of digital badging, and more.

Certification Magazine April 2017 Linux EditionApril — Linux Edition
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More than 25 years after its initial (and humble) release, Linux is the mouse — make that penguin — that roared. The open source OS not only supports vast swaths of the internet, but popularized a software development model that is currently among the hottest trends in IT. Linux certifications aren’t particularly plentiful, but certification is still an excellent way to both enter and explore the Linux realm. And the salary can be pretty good as well. This issue of the magazine also looks at the hiring crunch in cybersecurity, ponders the future of IT exams, and more.

Certification Magazine January 2017 Annual Salary Survey EditionJanuary — Annual Salary Survey Edition
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As of 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the median annual income for computer and IT occupations in the United States to be $81,430, more than double the median annual income for all occupations of $36,200. In this issue of the magazine we take an intense look at the impact of certification on IT salary through the prizm of our annual Salary Survey. There’s lots of other good content as well, including Part 2 of our quest to answer the oft-asked certification question: What does it take to build a great certification program from scratch?

2016 Magazine Issues
Certification Magazine October 2016 Networking EditionOctober — Networking Edition
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It’s been estimated conservatively that 20 billion internet-enabled devices and objects will be linked to the internet by 2020. That’s a lot of connections, and there’s a great deal of opportunity in IT realm of networking. In this issue of the magazine, we provide salary data on popular networking certifications and look at networking from a number of different angles. We also tackle a frequently asked question that has an answer too complex for any mere FAQ: What does it take to build a certification program from scratch? Grab a copy of this issue and find out for yourself!

Certification Magazine July 2016 Virtualization EditionJuly — Virtualization Edition
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Failure is good when it advances our understanding of what doesn’t work. If we’re humble and willing to learn, it can lead us in new and exciting directions previously unconsidered and unimagined. So it is that Virtualization and accompanying certifications are opening new and wondrous possibilities in IT. That’s why virtualization ranks among the top five categories in which companies plan to increase spending in 2016. This issue also includes a Q&A with the inventor of E-Mail and a look into the bright future of IT certifications via a look back.

Certification Magazine April 2016 Project Management EditionApril — Project Management Edition
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Execution is everything in 2016. Many businesses and organizations have great ideas, but it takes vision and coordination to get IT done. Project managers understand the big picture and have a firm grasp of the details at the same time. Learn all about this exciting field in our brand new Project Management issue. We’ve also got the scoop on IBM’s new portfolio of security certifications, an overview of IT security management, a frank look at the recertification hamster wheel, and more.

Certification Magazine February 2016 Annual Salary Survey EditionFebruary — Annual Salary Survey Edition
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The people have spoken. More than 11,700 IT professionals from 101 countries around the world responded to our annual Salary Survey. We used all of that data to create a bigger, better index of the top-salaried certs in the survey — the Salary Survey 75 is back — find out what certifications are at the top of everyone’s to-do list, and more. You can also read up on what you need to know to succeed at any IT job interview, how to study effectively for any certification exam in just minutes a day (and why it works), and more.