Studying Can Be MURDER

Studying is perhaps the only sphere for which “murder” can have a positive connotation. That’s because the term serves as an acronym for a study system employed by many meticulous learners: mood, understand, recall, digest, expand and review. Here’s an explanation of the system and how it works.

This refers to creating the right environment for effective study. Of course, finding an appropriate setting for studying is a personal affair. People have to employ the things that work best for them, and individuals being individuals, this will fluctuate wildly. But no matter your preference, the main thing to keep in mind is concentration — the ideal environment will be one you hardly even notice as you study.

First, consider the location itself and your own immediate reaction to it. Is there a great deal of external stimuli around to distract you (TV, Internet, other people, etc.)? What you’ll be using to study also influences where you’ll be doing it. Think about what tools and materials you’ll need to use most during that time. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t have more than the bare necessities, as too much stuff can drive you to distraction.

You’re bound to come across some unfamiliar topics and terms as you study a new subject. When you find yourself not comprehending a particular concept while reading a print or virtual resource, make a note of it and move on.

Also, keep a dictionary on hand so you can look up…



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