Study: Outbound Sales, Marketing Changing in Response to Consumer Backlash

<p><strong>London &mdash; July 6</strong><br />There is no question outsourcers will continue to give their customers a solid mix of offerings related to horizontal functionality, but according to a report by independent market analyst Datamonitor, &ldquo;Horizontal Contact Center Outsourcing Trends to 2012,&rdquo; the manner in which traditional services provided are delivered is shifting. </p><p>These include inbound customer care, outbound sales and marketing and technical support, in addition to relatively new functions such as business-to-employee care. </p><p>The handling of outbound sales and marketing, in particular, is changing in response to consumer backlash. </p><p>In addition outsourcing vendors have their fingers on the pulse and have new services such as &quot;warm calling&quot; and debt collation cued.<br /><br />From the standpoint of contact centers, Datamonitor&rsquo;s report examines what emerging trends are in store in 2007 in terms of functionality, as well as how outsourcers can best meet the requirements of both investors and consumers.<br /><br />A function-by-function analysis by Datamonitor indicates inbound customer care, which could include contact center agents handling loyalty programs or taking messages, will remain the largest single horizontal market through 2012, accounting for nearly half of all outsourced contact center agent positions (APs).&nbsp; </p><p>Outbound sales and marketing (proactive selling of products and services) contact center APs are expected to proportionately drop through this period. <br /><br />Investors in outbound sales and marketing services have faced considerable hostility from consumers and governments over the past four years, which has manifested in a number of do-not-call lists.&nbsp; </p><p>Peter Ryan, Datamonitor senior analyst for…



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