Job Candidates Not Very "Green" in Searches

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<strong>McLean, Va. &mdash; Oct. 16</strong><br />How “green” are job candidates when it comes to picking their next dream job? Not very, according to a Jobfox analysis of more than 6,000 professionals who have created personally branded Jobfox Web pages to showcase their skills, talents and wish lists for their next jobs.<br /><br />The percentage of Jobfox professionals seeking a career change with a company that is “ecologically friendly” is 5 percent, ranking 18th in the list of top career-related choices. <br /><br />Also, only 9 percent of professionals say they seek shorter commutes in their next job, ranking 14th on the list of next career desires.<br /><br />The study was conducted on the heels of the announcement that Al Gore and the United Nations&#39; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. <br />This is also the year that the former vice president won an Academy Award for his film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” a documentary that helped raise awareness about the dangers of global warming and set the stage for a worldwide campaign for individuals to take greater personal responsibility in caring for the climate.<br /><br />”Job seekers are certainly more green aware,” said Rob McGovern, Jobfox CEO and founder. “Professionals might be turning in their SUVs for MINI Coopers and hybrids, but when it comes to new career-advancement opportunities, dreams of greater leadership responsibilities, better rewards and stimulating workplace cultures still rule.”<br /><br />When seeking new companies to work for, according to the Jobfox study, professionals say they most often seek:<br /><br /><ul><li>Advancement opportunity: 55 percent</li><li>More leadership responsibility: 41 percent</li><li>Work-life balance: 38 percent</li><li>Leadership that&#39;s respected/admired: 36 percent</li><li>Sense of accomplishment: 36 percent</li><li>Higher salary: 28 percent</li><li>401(k) matching: 28 percent</li><li>Flexible schedule: 27 percent</li><li>Collaborative environment: 22 percent</li><li>Performance bonuses: 20 percent</li></ul><br />”Inside many organizations, people are taking initiatives to ensure their workplaces are eco-friendly,” McGovern said. “But for now, very few job seekers are making career choices based solely on a company&#39;s ability to demonstrate environmentally friendly practices.”

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