Study Finds Change, Growth in IT Contractor Market

Web-based staffing company HotGigs has released its 2007 IT Contract Workforce Report, which assesses the most in-demand skills among IT contract workers.

The report is based on nearly 2 million searches for IT contract resources conducted on the HotGigs Staffing Exchange during the fourth quarter of 2006. It reveals employer demand for 30 key IT contract skills in IT labor markets throughout the United States.

Drawing from 236,389 category searches, the No.1-ranked IT contractor skill was enterprise recourse planning (ERP) and packaged software.

Doug Berg, HotGigs CEO and founder, said this was one of the report’s most noteworthy findings.

“There’s always been a demand for development and database — the grinders, as I call it — but it was significant to see that there was that much demand for integration and ERP package software kind of folks, which is SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.,” Berg said. “It is somewhat surprising to see how quickly these new technologies are adopted. That’s what makes it so hard for companies — you can’t say, ‘I need a person with 10 years of experience who’s an expert’ because in this case, your years of experience have nothing to do with how well you know something. That’s where certifications can really play a strong role because people can learn things so much more quickly now.”

Another significant finding was strong demand for project management IT contractor skills, which came in third with 177,818 category searches. Berg said he was…



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