Students Aim for Fun at Work

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<strong>Oxford, U.K. and Rotterdam, Netherlands &mdash; Jan. 21 </strong><br />A new survey of the &ldquo;Digital Generation&rdquo; has been launched by workplace experts at Career Innovation, in partnership with AIESEC, the world&rsquo;s largest student-run organization. The research will track people&rsquo;s use of new technology, analyze their motivation and enable students to find out about careers that match their profiles. It is based on young people&#39;s increasing expectation that work should be fun and well paid.<br /><br />&ldquo;This survey will help us to see the technologies our members are using and will show us how we need to evolve as an organization to keep up with the digital generation,&rdquo; said Emanuel Gavert, global networks manager at AIESEC International. &ldquo;The results will also give us insight in attracting more technical students into AIESEC.&rdquo;<br /><br />Developed by research and technology firm Career Innovation, the Digital Generation Survey will assess people&#39;s use of technology for learning, working and leisure. This will allow universities, employers and technology companies to monitor trends in technology and make predictions about the future world of work.<br /><br />”It is hard to judge how social networking, interactive games and the increasing portability of technology will affect the way we work,” commented Jonathan Winter, founder of Career Innovation, “But we can be sure of one thing: Wherever young people set the pace on technology issues, employers will have to follow. So it is vital that employers and technology providers watch these trends closely.”<br /><br />The survey analyses motivation by using models from the computer gaming industry. As a result, every respondent receives a personalized “fun profile” revealing where they get their energy, in work and leisure. It then provides matches to specific jobs that might interest them, based on this profile. <br /><br />By taking part, participants also will be supporting two charities that help young people. Leading hotel group Marriott International has kindly agreed to donate $2 for every completed survey (up to the first 5,000 responses). Two IBLF charities will benefit equally: Youth Career Initiative and Digital Partnership.<br /><br />The survey will be run amongst 25,000 AIESEC members across 100 countries during January and 2008. The results are expected to be announced in Sao Paulo at the AIESEC International Congress in August. <br />

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