Certificate in Health Care IT Management

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<strong>Hoboken, N.J.</strong><br />Responding to anticipated rapid growth in adopting computer systems in the nation&#39;s hospitals and medical practices, Stevens Institute of Technology this fall will launch the country&#39;s first graduate certificate program at a management school to prepare professionals for careers in the health care industry. <br /><br />”While health care is under pressure to adopt advanced computing solutions to improve the quality of care, especially patient safety,” warned Program Director Carol V. Brown, “the pool of savvy professionals to support these new investments is vastly inadequate. Some predict the need for 40,000 new information technology jobs in health care alone in the next few years.”<br /><br />Brown, distinguished professor at Stevens&#39; Howe School, heads the school&#39;s new program in IT for the health care industry. She holds an MBA and Ph.D. in management information systems from Indiana University-Bloomington, where she recently taught at the Kelley School. Earlier, she was on the faculty of Purdue University. <br /><br />The four courses in the new graduate certificate, “Healthcare Information Technology Management,” provide the knowledge needed to develop, acquire and implement effective information technology solutions for inpatient and ambulatory settings, as well as home-health solutions. <br /><br />Focusing on administrative, clinical and patient-centered e-health systems, the certificate is also part of a new graduate concentration in Stevens&#39; Howe School of Technology Management Master&#39;s in Information Systems and MBA programs (see howe.stevens.edu/academics/graduate-programs/information-systems/curriculum/it-in-healthcare/).<br /><br />For healthcare professionals taking on new or increasing computer implementation roles, an introductory course in health care IT management is offered as a substitute first course for the certificate program.<br /><br />This fall, courses will be offered on Saturdays at Stevens&#39; Hoboken campus and weekday evenings at other New Jersey locations convenient to working professionals. The certificate will also be delivered over Stevens&#39; award-winning WebCampus online unit starting next spring.<br />

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