Stevens Institute of Technology Offers Master’s

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<p><b>Hoboken, N.J. &mdash; Feb. 26</b><br/>In a partnership with the corporate training company Novations, Stevens Institute of Technology will offer United Technologies Corporation (UTC) personnel the chance to earn project management master&#39;s degrees online.</p> <p>The innovative program acknowledges the quality of corporate training. </p><p>After an intensive review by Stevens faculty of Novations courses, the school allows UTC employees, after they complete seven courses, the opportunity to earn master&#39;s degrees, taking only eight Stevens graduate courses instead of the 12 required.</p> <p>&quot;Stevens special agreements with Fortune 500 companies credits the intensive training employees receive,&quot; said Stevens Professor Audrey Curtis. &quot;These highly skilled personnel can then go on to pursue internationally acknowledged academic rewards at Stevens.&quot; </p><p>Curtis is executive director of the university&#39;s Telecommunications Management and Project Management programs.</p> <p>To qualify for academic credit, employees must pass a special exam. For admission, an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better at an accredited school is also required. </p><p>UTC personnel accepted into the program can take courses from anywhere in the world online though Stevens award-winning unit, WebCampus. </p><p>A similar program is under way with Boeing and was initiated earlier with AT&amp;T.</p> <p>Among only seven schools in the US accredited by the Project Management Institute, Stevens is one of the oldest and most venerated engineering and technology management schools in the country. </p><p>Named the &quot;Best Online University&quot; in the nation by the Sloan Foundation, WebCampus has also received the prize as the &quot;best online graduate school&quot; by the U.S. Distance Learning Association.</p> <p>In addition to providing project management training to Fortune 500 companies, Novations also offers coaching and mentoring, communications skills, competency modeling, customer service and sales training and other services. </p>

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