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<p><strong>Hoboken, N.J.</strong><br />In a unique partnership to build a cadre of global leaders, Stevens Institute of Technology and Amway, the $7 billion worldwide direct-selling company, agreed this month to collaborate on providing key Amway personnel with 21st-century leadership skills.</p><p> To be launched next month in the U.S. and China simultaneously, instructor-led online modules will be delivered over 18 months by Stevens faculty. <br /> <br />”Our job is to develop future leaders across different functions and geographies,” said Kee Meng Yeo, who heads Amway&#39;s global Talent Development effort. “With Stevens, we are entering the first phase of intentionally accelerated leadership development.”<br /> <br />Before entering online classrooms, where they will be divided into virtual leadership teams, Amway employees will complete a series of Web-based assessment tools to provide insight into how their personalities and behavior align with the company&#39;s goals and their own development. <br /> <br />Armed with personality and other self-assessments, employees will participate in seven online modules in the U.S. and eight in China. Starting with how to build self-awareness, followed by how to lead innovation and change, as well as modules on decision making, coaching and mentoring, and strategic leadership, among others, the program concludes in China with an intensive module on “Leading in Hypergrowth Economies.” <br /><br />Along the way, Stevens&#39; faculty will coach participants in how to assume a path to attain leadership positions at Amway. <br /><br />Stevens&#39; engagement with Amway follows nearly six years of providing education and training in China. In partnership with key Chinese universities, Stevens offers graduate degrees in management and technology in Beijing. </p><p>The school has also delivered education and training to IBM&#39;s China personnel, as well as employees at the China Development Bank, financial backer of the Three Gorges Dam and the Beijing Olympics, among other major infrastructure projects. <br /><br />In China and elsewhere, online teaching and learning is provided by Stevens&#39; award-winning unit, WebCampus.<br /></p>

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