Stay Strong During Recession: Demonstrate Your Value

With all the talk about the uncertain economy lately, many professionals are reassessing their careers. People are evaluating their job responsibilities and contributions, making sure they’re in a strong position should their employers face a downturn.

Regardless of the business climate, it’s a wise move to consider your value to your company, at least periodically. Good workers always are coveted, so making sure you’re a strong contributor to the firm can give you an advantage, putting you in a position for advancement and swinging the odds in your favor should layoffs be on the horizon.

While it’s impossible to make yourself completely recession proof, here are some ways to enhance your marketability:

Focus on the Bottom Line

Think of ways to save your employer money. For instance, instead of recommending new laptops for an entire department, consider whether upgrades to current systems would be sufficient. Or you might propose using products that are less expensive but just as reliable as more costly models. If your ideas help the company achieve cost savings, particularly during challenging business conditions, you’re more likely to be seen as indispensable. No firm wants to lose employees who help maximize the bottom line.

Increase Your Visibility

Also make sure key decision makers know who you are and the value you bring to the company. This doesn’t mean you should brag or clamor for attention; instead, take steps to make others aware of your expertise and accomplishments.

Arrive at meetings armed with knowledge of the topic…



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